Sebo Walker: Nollie Cab Heel Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Sebo Walker: Nollie Cab Heel

That switch flip down the triple set in the Carroll 5 Lakai commercial was Sebo Walker (pronounced "see-bo"). He was at the Skateboarder Magazine Make-A-Wish Jam this weekend killing it and making new friends left and right from being the nicest dude you ever met. Can you believe he got kicked off Element flow? Some rep was blowing it on that one. Check out this nollie cab heel sequence. More coverage from the Jam coming up after we get through our holiday weekend. Thanks to all our troops and the people in charge of them for doing their best to make our lives the best they can. The gub'ment doesn't do everything right just as you and I don't, but I appreciate everything good it does for us.
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