The Chinese Skateboard Shindig

What's amateur skateboarding like on the other side of the world? We got to experience it in a classic contest setting when Nike SB invited us to be a part of their City Jam contest series that ran all through south east Asia to qualify skaters for this Final one. It was amazing to see that although most of our culture is pretty different when it comes to everything from food to personal space to driving, one thing that was the same was our skateboard culture. Skateboarders are different there just like here. Dress different. Listen to different music. Act different. Think different. Energy drinks, tv shows, and rock stars will come and go and I’m sure China isn’t exempt from it, but the plain old good time on the wood and wheels is what’s never changing, regardless of where you grow up skateboarding. Check out a few photos from the shindig: Damn Am Shanghai 2011. Vimeo and YouTube are blocked in China, so if you're there, you can download all the videos from our trip here:

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