Clash of the Crews Presented by Arnette: Qualifier Results

Teams were allowed up to six skaters in their Jam. The top four scores from each team were used to calculate the team averages below. Top 8 teams make it to the Finals starting up now. Check the individual skater results here.
  1. Midtown, Team Average: 87.25
  2. Shred Shed, Team Average: 79.83
  3. Westside Skateshop, Team Average: 78.58
  4. GSZ, Team Average: 78.33
  5. Sunrise, Team Average: 77.92
  6. Skatepark of Tampa, Team Average: 77.67
  7. Rukus/Finda Boardshop, Team Average: 76.5
  8. MIA, Team Average: 75.42
  9. New Blood, Team Average: 74.17
  10. Kona Skatepark, Team Average: 74.08
  11. Undercover Skate Shop, Team Average: 69.75
  12. 688, Team Average: 67.42
  13. Hazard County, Team Average: 64.25
  14. Flipside, Team Average: 62.09
  15. Team Pain, Team Average: 60.5
  16. Compound, Team Average: 49.58
  17. CCS, Team Average: 44

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