Flip in Berlin and Shredding a Bowl of Penis in Amsterdam

This episode of SPoT Life is our first one in Europe this summer. Schaefer went out early to go to the Bright Trade Show in Berlin to hang out with the Flip team and the rest of the sketchy skateboard industry. Should we all join him next year? Looks like it. He then joined us in Amsterdam where we ran AmsterDamn Am as you saw from all the SPoT Life Event Checks that came out that weekend. Here's a taste of all the side antics like the Bowl Jam, the smoked out coffee shops, and random skate spots like a bowl of Euro penises to be shred. Thanks for checking out another episode of SPoT Life: Luan Oliveira and the Flip Team in Berlin and Shredding a Bowl of Penises at AmsterDamn Am: SPoT Life Episode 16.
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