Mike Vallely: SPoT ''20'' Year Experience - Episode 7 Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Mike Vallely: SPoT ''20'' Year Experience - Episode 7

Mike Vallely takes us back to 1995, which happens to be the 1st Annual Tampa Pro Contest. What was supposed to be his farewell from professional skateboarding and the beginning of a team management position at Powell, actually relaunched Mike’s career with a 1st place finish. Take a look back as Mike takes us from 1995 to his most recent Tampa Pro in 2012, where he made the biggest impact of his Tampa Pro career. He notes, "At Tampa Pro, real skateboarding is allowed to live."
Skatepark of Tampa is celebrating 20 years of skateboarding. Countless memories have been created over the past two decades, and to help relive those experiences we asked 20 pros, ams, and industry leaders to share their SPoT stories with us.

Check out the Intro Episode to explain the 20 year Experience. Check out all the "20" Year Experience videos here.


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