#TBT Mike Frazier Powell 8 Post at Skatepark of Tampa

#TBT Mike Frazier Powell 8

If Mike Frazier had come onto the scene in the mid 1980s, he would have been as big a name as Steve Caballero or Lance Mountain. Instead, he showed up in the Powell 8 video in 1990 when vert was on its way over the cliff and it seemed like just about everybody had quit skateboarding in general. Mike was like Jason Jessee, a powerhouse, still is actually, but in addition to his smash and grab style he also learned just about every single trick imaginable, and made up a million others, like noseslide shove it to fakie and the fakie 540 blunt. His part in 8 was the first of probably 20 over the course of his career, this one filmed by Stacy Peralta in the way they used to do it, in one day (It might have been two days with the same outfit but either way, there was no three year window to get it done). All of Mike’s stuff was light years ahead of what was happening, and he kept it going in part after part, from Birdhouse, to Stereo, to Toy Machine, to Element, to Santa Cruz. After watching it you’re going to want to go ahead and put Mike on the list of your favorite tranny chompers in history.
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