A Session With the Elwood Team and a Chill Cam Dump Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Session With the Elwood Team and a Chill Cam Dump

Posted on Thursday, May 15, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Wow, look at Abdias all up on the deck on this tranny overcrook
Brandon Baker - nollie something flip revert. Is it hard flip or varial? Five frames a second doesn't capture it very well
DMFP is joining us in Minneapolis for the Damn Am in three weeks. Bring this backside flip with you, Dylan
Brandon Bristol is also going to Minneapolis with us, but just to hang out. You won't see this nollie flip in the contest, you'll see it in the streets
The Elwood guys were skating the bowl while I was there. Drehobl is the only one allowed to smoke the bowl. What a horribly taken photo. It's the only one I have and there are no Dan Drehobl photos on the site, so...
What's going on at Adio? Looks like at least for now, Kenny Anderson survived the little shakeup they had over there with some riders and staff. It's just another day in the sketchy skateboard industry
Okay, that's enough skateboarding. Let's get on with sketchy skateboard industry bid'niss meetings. We meet once a week here at SPoT to go over various management type stuff. Today, Barak has a few sample products he designed for us to look over and approve. The first two are shoes. Recognize that sole? That's the old website colors on that shoe
The other shoe that Schaefer is holding in the previous photo is the sample for the Skatepark of Tampa Party Team shoe. Wow, suddenly the Party Team is getting serious. We even got a Skatepark of Tampa Party Team hat on the way
The last order of bid'niss in this particular meeting was to pick the final fabric for the Party Team hat and then pour over a bunch of number cruncher reports I prepared so we can see how the health of the sketchy skateboard industry has decreased over the last few years
This part of the Park in the back is referred to as Innetech. We don't have any red staplers, but we keep it office as hell back here doing online stuff. Angel takes and uploads product photos. Gonzo and Lako in the back create products and manage inventory. Jon Mann is also back here with us pushing online orders out of our ASS (Asian Sweat Shop - online order processing). Ichabod and Jacob stick those little bar codes on products. And finally, there's me talking crap about everyone on the Internet. What a team
Antwuan Dixon is back in town and dressed to kill. He's back to face up to five felonies. After just wrapping up the Deathwish promo, he's now filming for Baker 4. Not while he does some jailtime in Tampa, though. Hopefully it's pretty short
Robbie Kirkland pissed off some chick so bad that she keyed "rapist" in the side of his car. Frosty had to get the belt sander out for that one. Girls are nuts
Abdias has been in town all week. This was at some show that had a Bee Gees cover band except it was all heavy metal style. We love the nightlife, we like to boogie
High five on the name choice of this gym that opened up right next door to The Hub. The Sweat Shop? Ha. I wonder if any orientals work there
Yoemann's on Davis Island has open mic night on Tuesdays. You can bring your own instruments and jam it out with your fellow musical peers. I met this dude there because I thought he skated having that Goodwine shirt on. Turns out he got it at Plato's Closet for four bucks and doesn't even know what SPoT is
We had a sales contest for the Shop employees and these are the winners. I would have been shooting for 3rd place in the Supra contest for sure
Remember the SPoT Bulletin Board? Here's an update. Barak and Welch invented a new sexual position
Elsewhere on the bulletin board, if you need a guitar, contact Ichabod
Most of you who read the site have never been here, so I'm taking you on a Shop tour now. That's our new t-shirt pyramid built by Frosty and Crash. No more shemped out hanger shirts
After we moved the majority of duplicate decks in stock to the back, the board rack is looking way cleaner and easier to shop
Here's the other side of the shirt pyramid. The front door to the Shop is in the back center
About face at the shirt pyramid and you see what some companies have set up to showcase their gear
That's the front counter. This morning, Barak brought coffee and donuts out to the shoe hypers waiting out front for today's release before we opened at noon
This is known as the "Shoe Wall." Light colored shoes have to be shrink wrapped to keep crusty warehouse buildup off them
Get yourself a new lid in the corner
A Shop employee's typical to do list. Get busy
The jeans wall is another custom Frosty creation making it easy for you to shop
All the employees at SPoT meet once a week to go over the good, bad, and the ugly that went down the week prior. I spy Barak Wiser, Brian Schaefer, Ryan Clements, Angel Carela, Jacob Krajewski, Chris Mannion, Anthony Zerial, Wizard Smoke, Ichabod, Ternell Watson, Dylan Perry, Frosty, and Mark Hilleboe. Thanks for working here


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