Chill Cam Dump: 100% Chilling, For Chillers By Chillers Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Chill Cam Dump: 100% Chilling, For Chillers By Chillers

Posted on Thursday, May 29, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

One night out of nowhere, what seemed to be the entire staff from our friends at Florida Capital Bank showed up at The Hub. That's Sue and Amy. They're on the Skatepark of Tampa Business Team
Louis Pinzon is on the Skatepark of Tampa BMX Team. He just turned full blown doctor and is moving to California for his residency. Them BMX girls wear some dope kicks
The BMX girls can skate
Did you see this office pizza party story on We used that idea to keep our own employees from revolting. It was recently Pizza Friday for SPoT staff. We had wings, too. That should keep everyone from asking for a raise for at least three years
Right now we're 100% chilling at the amphitheater downtown taking in the aroma of bum piss while throwing back a few beers and more. Porpe and Jake enjoy a beer while that sketchy homeless dude back there reads us passages from his diary he keeps. Downtown is filled with amazing characters like this. They're usually in The Hub sitting next to me
Body came to the amphitheater and gave a performance of mangled Wu-Tang lyrics as usual
Now we're in full blown Memorial Day chill mode. That's Paul Larsen who we dragged over from The Hub and Porpe who manned the grill. Is it a violation to scuba dive in your condo swiming pool? It's ok, I'm a volunteer firefighter
This is my friend Jimbo that also lives in the Skypoint building downtown. He's one of those "60's skateboarders." He has handstands on lock and likes to pull stunts like this sketchy manuever 8 stories up
Here's a sample of some of the crappy stuff around downtown that I attempt to ride my skateboard on
Further into the 100% chilling Memorial Day Weekend, Derewenko manned the grill at Clem's house
Clem has some kind of crazy new music technology. Does anyone know what these things are? They look tech
That's Knuckles, Schaefer's dog. He took a fat dump in my hallway and left a permanent reminder of his visit in the carptet
Who rolls with a Kissing Booth prop? I should try that. That's Schaefer with Chris from the Beauvilles. They're doing a show at Crowbar this Saturday. See you there. Kat, bring the kissing booth
ILY, baby! Someone's chick is psyched
That's a foot fetish in front of the park, corner of Columbus and 43rd
For the first time ever, ever, ever, I rolled up to the Bro Bowl and no one was there. Wow. Meanwhile, the basketball courts next to them have never been used, ever, ever, ever
This is just a random photo of downtown while rolling through the streets
Here's what's left of the Art Museum. They have already started building the new one. Hopefully there will be some new skate spots? More likely, there will just be new bum forts
Last night I shot some photos in Trip Park downtown. They need some lawn maintenance there
University of Tampa is looking pretty amazing from Trip Park
Oh, the beer can. That reminds me, time to go to The Hub
There's a bar opening up in the Skypoint building. It will probably be filled with kooks like my neighbor. If you haven't met him, you can check for a doseage of his amazing personality
What? Haven't had enough chilling yet? Check out a minute of chill video: A skateboarding midget with mangled legs that the Bubba The Love Sponge Show brought to Skatepark of Tampa, Scotty the Body completely mangles Wu Tang lyrics like the midget's legs, my new favorite kid Ava says what's up to surfers, Derewenko and Levi dive into the Skypoint pool, and the security guard at Skypoint refuses to tell us who keeps complaining about our noise.


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