Last of the Mohicans Video Premiere Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Last of the Mohicans Video Premiere

Posted on Sunday, June 22, 2008 by Angel

By Angel Carela and Ryan Clements

Angel's Photos
Here we are at good old Muvico in Centro Ybor. This time it was for the long awaited Last of the Mohicans by Joe Perrin. Thanks to the guys at Westside and SPoT for hooking it up. Did we just say thanks to ourselves? Yep
Part of the Westside crew chilling in the lobby
Montesi ready to get some snacks before the show
Barak dunking Mike in his own drink with the WZA Wes and Brian sauce-ready in the lobby
The man of the evening, Joe Perrin, making final arrangements before the showing
Inside we found Crash taking a break from doing maintenance around the Park, Clem trying to take my job, Doors lurkage, and Jon coming straight from the ASS (Asian Sweat Shop - online order packing)
There was a pretty good crowd filled with everything from family members to TMs, riders, and lots of random locals
Dango provided us with plenty to laugh at in his part. Looks like he's ready to party. I hope someone bought him a few rounds after this
Bucktooth Will being carried out of the theater by Blaze (left) and the WZA (right)
One of the highlights of the night was this Twin. He grabbed one of the wet floor signs from the theater and rode it down this triple set, twice
And yes, he made it all the way down to the bottom
Clem's Photos:
This is how my evening started
Knuckles was waiting for me out front
Angel and I both had cameras on us. I was like, "Are you shooting tonight?" He said, "Yeah, I figured I would." I let him know that I was shooting, too. I looked at his photos and they are much better
The scene out front of Muvico at Centro Ybor prior to the showing
That's our KR3W rep TJ along with Barak
Schaefer gives Jack Moran the thumb's up for joining the "Bright Futures Crew" along with Jata, Tommy, and the rest of their posse
I haven't seen him in a while, but Bighouse Bob made an appearance
That shirt makes Antwuan look blacker than ever!
Quick-draw Clem gets a shot of Montesi before he can get one of me. Thanks to Westside for supporting the Premiere
Nick Matlin is on the left and you might not recognize the guy on the right...but, it's one cleaned-up Scotty The Body Conley
So there was a glitch here and there, but at least it stopped on Jimmy Lannon
The man responsible for the Last of the Mohicans, Joe Perrin, is on the left, and some crazy dude named Mike Mancini is on the right. Hats off to Joe for doing what he loves and for making a fun-ass video to watch
I've known Jack Moran since he was a little kid. He's all grown up and getting drunk in public nowadays, but he's still that same little kid to me
Things started to get a little loose at Rock N Sports. That's a serious dude-fest right there
Brian Delatorre is originally from Miami, but I believe he's residing in SF at the moment. He sure was looking classy last night. Nice job on making things happen for yourself, Brian
For everyone that hated my cornrows, they're now gone. When you have cornrows, your hair doesn't fall out. This is what the shower looked like after 17 days of braided hair


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