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A Few Days in Barcelona

Posted on Saturday, July 26, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Recognize this spot? I've gotten entire sponsor me videos where the whole thing is filmed here
Our home for the last couple days has been Roberto's Barcelona sweat box. Thanks for the bed, couch space, and Spanish lessons, Roberto
We had way too many train rides and sketchy meat sanwiches. Good times getting sort of lost and skipping the turnstiles
That's Roberto Aleman's tweaked pinky toe. That's what happens when you come to America, bust your little toe, and have no health insurance. Oh yeah, we're at the beach now and it's been 24 hours in Barcelona and we still have yet to actually skateboard. We rule
Wow, I was definitely expecting Kentucky waterfalls all over Spain, but this one blew me away. All we heard was stories about smoking hot topless women on the beach leading up to us going there and we end up running into this. Yikes
It's not like Florida beaches with fine sand here
I ordered a salad. That's not a salad. That had dead sea animals in it
Oh yeah so now it's been a day and a half and we still have yet to skate. At least we drank beer and walked to skate spots. We rule. Recognize this spot? As usual, that drop off to the left is larger than it seem on video
This is right outside Roberto's door. A full selection of 10 different sketchy meat sandwiches
Alright, we're finally on a skate mission. This is a random street leading up to MACBA. DP is already getting some snaps along the way
We're here! Who's jumping? I need a parachute do jump down that
As usual, very interesting locals
We were just in warm up mode when DMFP snapped his board on this half cab down MACBA
These two spots are in the same plaza as MACBA
This is some dude in full Euro-uniform frontside flipping in front of the residences in front of MACBA
One self-timer mandatory skateboard tourist photo
So after MACBA, we're around the corner at some store and Vern randomly pops out on some balcony a few stories up. What a small globe we are spinning around. Vern and Rodrigo Peterson are staying together in Barcelona for the next week and a half
This is known as a samosa. Potatoes and vegetables in a deep fried dough sleeve. It's fuel for the bump to bar that we're on our way to right now
I like analyzing the buildings here
It's a super crowded train ride to the bump to bar. I spy a Euro soccer rocker
After a subway/train ride, it's a transfer to yet another subway ride
The shark fins are on the way to the bump to bar. Remember MJ BSNB and Brent Atchley frontside ollie? We are not concerned with these. We're on the hunt for the bump to bar
This stunt jump is on the way to the bump to bar also
Cross this bridge and you're at the bump to bar. Let's snap some ollies
Ever travel half way across the globe to take a poop? Yeah, I did. Four or five tries in, I did something to my knee which left me with yet another Euro limp walking like I just crapped my pants and struggling to keep up with the crew pushing around the streets. Rad. Maybe next year or Monday if I'm healed by then. Check the footage for Schaefer almost making it
DMFP backside 180'd it
Leg warmer tats - check. Black shorts - check. White shirt - check. Yep, Vern and Schaefer got their Barcy uniforms on and you're ready to hop the bar
Schaefer and I both left the bar without a make. It's time for yet another tain ride. At any given moment, there are at least three smoking hot Spanish women within 50 feet of you on the subway or on the streets
For the rest of the day, I had the pleasure of limping up to amazing spots like this just to sit and do nothing
Even if I wasn't hurt, I would still just sit and watch at this spot. Check the triple dragon spine in the background
These innocent looking leaves are natural skate stoppers. They creep up on you when you're cruising the smoothest ground in Barcelona and stop your board dead in it's tracks. Hit one of these and you're guaranteed a two foot skid and a Superman dive. Try it when your knee is jacked. Such a good time
There are at least two moving animals in this photo of what they're calling "food" at the local grocery store. I have lost a lot of weight here

Here's a couple minutes of Barcelona footage. Everything from Schaefer almost making the bump to bar to us robbing the subway system.


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