Wheelies, Endos, and Sauce Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Wheelies, Endos, and Sauce

Posted on Friday, August 29, 2008 by Ryan

Words by Ryan Clements
Photos and Captions by Rob Meronek

As soon as I rolled up, I found everyone consuming energy sauce from black bags. Where is everyone getting those from?
Oh, it's from the Paki store around the corner. You can get a nice 12 pack of energy sauce, some bagels, a sandwich, and some Venture trucks all in one stop
An all-star wheelie crew was in attendance: Brandon Biebel, Jason Dill, Kenny Anderson, Chico Brenes, and Joey Brezinski
Pang called the wheelie stunts. I think this is the first time I've seen Stevie Williams skate in person. Maybe I should have shot a skate photo or two. Nah, then you might think this is a skateboarding site or something
Wise move for ditching the dude juggler, Porpe. He and Bristol traded up to some Jersey girls they met at the wheelie fest the next day. Apparently, they kinda sucked, too. Oh well, they can't all be nice girls
Barak demonstrates how psyched we are to cruise the streets of NYC. That might be the happiest push I've ever seen
Guys Magazine was on the coffee table in my hotel room. The tomato kid was on the cover. Inside: Gleaming the Cube and some ripping skate photos. Skateboarding gets weirder every day
We had some fancy meals in NYC. If this was in the ocean, I would swim away from it. I guess this is supposed to be a salad
My chicken was good. I don't know about the dreadlock noodles or mystery blob of slop next to it, though
Now this is a much better place to eat dinner. A gigantic gagantuan New York City candy shop was across the street from our hotel
Inside the gargantuan candy shop was all the candy you could ever think of that you thought they never made anymore. Candy cigarettes, full size Gobstoppers, Pop Rocks, and more. I love me some candy and got a nice stock pile. I got the worst of both old age and young age - grey hair piling up yet still rocking pizza face zit farm from too much sweets - awesome. Time for some hair dye and that stuff Sheckler got a million dollars to do a commercial for
When you return from NYC, you have 100 photos like this. I guess that's King Kong's building there on the right
So we went underground one night and ate dinner at this dungeon looking restaurant where we talked about shoes and how none of the shoe companies in skateboarding are trying to make money and none of them are corporate and none of them copy each other and none of them will sell to any mall store. I love the sketchy skateboard industry
Barak knows booze and bid'niss mix well like a fine cocktail in the sketchy skateboard industry
Did you know Biebel has a lap dog? That ain't so gangsta
The Big Apple is going to have some worm holes left in it after Dango gets done ripping through the place. Thanks for the entertainment. Wish I remembered it all
Here's a foot fetish with Alanna and Jenna who went NYC shopping and got some boots made for walkin'. There's something about a girl in boots that makes me tingly in the pants
There's a beer called "Schaefer." Yeah, for real. Their slogan is "the one beer you drink when you're having more than one." Who has one beer? Anyway, everyone enjoyed a sip of some Schaefer. I have no idea who those girls are with Bristol, but I'm sure he said stuff to them that had them looking like they were smelling onions. Thanks for the photos, Barak
This photos is from Schaefer's camera. He ran into a website fan from NYC. Anyone else wonder how Schaefer has managed to keep that Toys That Kill shirt in such good shape over all these years that he's been wearing it? I know, I used to live with him. He puts a lot of tender lovin' care into his t-shirts
Goodbye NYC. I am finally back at our back offices here at Skatepark of Tampa that we refer to as Innetech. This is the lair of Angel and Gonzo. They get to handle all the skateboard stuff that comes through our doors. Looks like we got some new Vans
Where else am I to go when I'm back in Tampa and not skating because I suck like that? The Hub, of course. I walked in to find OG Hub locals Big Al and Erm. Imagine that
DMFP recently had a birthday so we took over Hooters for a bit. It's been a while. I spy a turquoise v-neck shirt
Body rolled in late and bussed the tables with his mouth
Yes! We actually skated after Hooters. Wait, it doesn't count when your blood alcohol content is higher than your IQ and you're on a cruiser board on the way to another bar. Maybe next time
I rolled up fashionably late to the manual contest under the Manhattan Bridge, but not before skating from the lower east side, down Houston to 6th Ave., then from 6th to Canal, and Canal over to the Bridge. There really is nothing like skating through the streets of NYC...I just can't stress it enough. The manual-fest had already begun, so I met up with Frosty and Bristol who had the talls flowing at 4pm. I guess Bristol is 'of age' in NYC. The skate shindig was rad, with mad manual action for hours.

I noticed that there were some ams up in there this year, which made for an interesting event. MC's Pangstar and Dave from DQM held it down NYC style for the crowd of thousands. There was a flat bar connected to one of the manny pads, which spiced things up a bit, and a unique manny pad with kickers on each side of it that looked really hard to skate. There were all kinds of heads up in there, including Rob Welsh, Stevie Williams, and Jackson Curtain, but when the results were calculated, here's who got the glory:

  • 1st - Joey Brezinski - Skatepark of Tampa Party Team!
  • 2nd - Brandon Biebel - tons of energy...love this dude
  • 3rd - Chico Brenes - nearing living legend status
  • 4th - Eli Reed - Zoo's newest...a true American
  • 5th - Malcom Watson - recently married, so congrats!


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