Sauce Makes Skate Bid'niss Easier at ASR Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Sauce Makes Skate Bid'niss Easier at ASR

Posted on Saturday, September 6, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Converse is trying to come in hot to the skate shoe market. One way to start is to have a cool guy party with an open bar and a band people want to see. Then, let the cool guys smoke indoors. John Montesi joined the smoking section with me
The Converse party was at House of Blues. Thanks for the sauce and food. Good luck in the sketchy skateboard industry, Converse
Boosh is one of the best drunks I know. Anthony Papallardo is helping Converse make a dent in the sketchy skateboard industry. I think Boosh probably punched a hole in this oil painting of him before the night ended
I ran into the white slasher. She was making out with Vanessa Torres. How does a girl that skates have such high maintenance finger nails like that?
Willy Santos supports smoking indoors in California
Let's put a Converse in a foot fetish. I guess those are coming out later this year
Maybe they could have got less homosexual bartenders at House of Blues
Remember that Transworld cover with Nick Trapasso doing the 5-0 across the water rail? He was wearing Converse. Let's do a foot fetish, Nick
It's always a pleasure to throw back some sauce with the twin brothers from different mothers - Blair Alley and DJ Wade
I can't even remember the last time I smoked before getting to California. I sort of accidentally quit. Smoking indoors just because is a great reason to re-start
I like watching Schaefer put in work on the ladies. Rob Brink is taking notes
Nike SB doesn't have a dental plan. Luda Crooks don't care
Open bar all night and an unpacked Social Distortion show? Wow, thanks Converse
I heard Porpe throw out this line after giving out his busines card: "Search Porpe on the site and you can see me skate." I don't think it worked. Beer goggles were definitely on right here anyway
Way way back in the day, my sister got it on with Clint Peterson
Skatepark of Tampa Party Team was all over the place this weekend. That's Oliver and a foot fetish with his canvas Mid's
Now I'm back at the show taking random photos of stuff to make fun of. These girls are having a bad hair day on purpose
Body did the Create a Skate thing. I don't think Professor Schmitt is hyped on his shape
Abdias Rivera's twin went pro for Foundation. I'll say in about another year or so, I'll be taking a photo of Angel Ramirez wearing an Abdias Rivera shirt
The Skatepark of Tampa Party Team can be found everywhere from the streets to the bars to the ramps. Braydon can't wait to get his drunken turtle tat
Don't be fooled by Danny Tumia looking like the nerdiest dude out. He kills it on the trannies when he's not doing calculus
Chicken suits, gorrilla suits, hot dog stand service, free corn dogs, undercover alcohol, and Geoff Rowley decorating. Must be the Volcom booth
I put a note in my calendar so I can confirm my prediction of this company being out of business by the next ASR show
Neal Hendrix has the task of finding eye candy for the Fuel TV segments he's doing all weekend. An energy drink company booth is a good place to find some
Child abuse, southern California style
I like hip hop. I like Terry Kennedy. Both together, not so sure
Remember Ron Allen? Yeah that's because you're not 65 like me
Wow, how bummed is Dennis Busenitz at this dude looking like him going around dressed like that
Some kid named Aldrian Garcia jumped 40 inches and won $1,500 in a high ollie contest put on by DC and Grind for Life
Wow, the Donger entered the High Ollie Contest. How long has he been repping that double tail whip thing?
I'm guessing these are the parents of the baby with the mohawk. Welcome to So Cal, bra
This dude is jamming out some Hawaiian music. Welcome to ASR
I returned to the mini-ramp to find Schaefer risking his life once again just for the sake of entertaining the crowd. On the next try, he rolled away clean from this egg plant. This bail photo is way better, though
I thought I was being lame going to bed at like 10pm, but when I returned to the room, I found Body passed out with all kinds of random stuff around him. My excuse was having to wake up at the butt crack of dawn for Battle of the Shops today. Body's excuse was too much apple


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