Red Bull Wake Lab Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Red Bull Wake Lab

Posted on Wednesday, September 17, 2008 by Ryan

Photos by Clem
"Real" Photos Courtesy Red Bull
Words and Captions by Clem

Lake Eola was lit up like a football field
I don't know if this was a bs lipslide or fs boardslide because obviously I didn't take this pic...and from my perspective on the judges' stand you couldn't tell who was who
Gangsta' ass ice cream truck with a true ice cream gangsta' inside
This was part of the pulley system that drug the wakeboarders across the lake. You can get one on your lake, too, for the low price of $30,000. Hey, it's cheaper than a boat and you don't have to fill it up with gas
I may have taken the judging a bit too seriously, but I tend to have that problem with things
DJ Swamp was spinning techno all night, but then he grabbed the mic and started rapping. That was relatively entertaining, but when he lit his fingers on fire and blew these flames it caught everyone off guard. He ended by lighting the records on fire and throwing them into the crowd. Fortunately the tent didn't catch on fire
Later that night I went to Bar BQ Bar and found Graham Bickerstaff on the dirty-ass floor
Kevin Graver of Team Pain looking like Nicholson in The Shining
Bad reenactment of one of Rob's foot fetish shots
I can't seem to get away from Dango these days. You can only imagine what he was saying to that girl
I always thought that dreads would look good on me
Jenna with a dread-stash
Go ahead and make fun of me. I was a "guest judge" at a wakeboard contest the other night on Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando called Red Bull Wake Lab. You know what though? I had a pretty good time...

The obstacles that were ridden were basically a copy of a fun box, but on steroids, that consisted of handrails, hubbas, and a bank-to-wall. But the reason it was titled Wake Lab was because there was a newly-invented pulley system dragging the riders back and forth across the lake...without a boat in sight.

Admittedly, I didn't really know what I was doing up there on the judges' stand, but apparently they wanted a skateboarder's perspective. And honestly, the whole idea is stolen from skateboarding anyway. The tricks are really similar, too.

It lasted well into the evening, but of course there are always good after-parties when dealing with Red Bull. Thanks for the fun time and room at the Grand Bohemian, Sarah...



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