SPoT Ghetto Christmas Party 2008 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Ghetto Christmas Party 2008

Posted on Tuesday, December 23, 2008 by Rob

Photos by Sierra
Captions by Rob Meronek

As usual, things got started at Schaefer's place in Ybor where everyone got pre-sauced to make sure they won't be remembering much after 11pm. That's what party photos are for
A minute or two into this shindig and I'm already over being the party photo guy. Sierra did a fantastic job taking over. The rest of these photos are hers. Wait, Paul Larsen was there? I thought he never leaves The Hub
Some dick took someone's phone with Nick Dompierre's number in it and now we have the new text of the week
The night has just begun and Frosty's already looking sleepy along with Scott, who dat, and Leopard Print Jenna
Hey Pat Stiener, who dat???
I almost wore the same costume. Blessed Porpe and Santa Sarah. Porpe was looking that hammered when I first saw him at 8pm. Good times
Furlong and Kelly keep it gangster. Are they married or do I have my ring finger confused?
Hey Sierra, who are these dudes? I don't know, but I bet the dude on the left is good at math and likes Star Trek
Ah the math guy is friends with Miami Jackson, too? Looks like he needs to go easy on the red popsicles
Stripes - so hot right now
The middle finger is a very popular gesture in all party photography
I never found time to put together Sierra's updated Top 10 Hawt Skater Boi List, but Dave Cruz was one of the new additions. That piggy bank showed up in more photos than the middle finger gesture
T4PREZ doesn't look like he remembered this photo
Boston, welcome to the Former SPoT Employee Club. He's over it at Innetech back here
The Former SPoT Employee Club sure keeps it tight
There's another member of the Former SPoT Employee Club behind Charlene and Brittany. Charlene, where's your straw?
Allison is related to this dude. The dude next to the dude she's related to just dropped his third December album in three years and has just been confirmed for a doing a show at Tampa Pro. Hell yeah. More on that later
John Party of the Former SPoT Employee Club and Gonzo, current holder of said former employee's position in Innetech
Mike Derewenko has gold hair with a gold shirt and I can't think of a single wisecrack
There are two levels of membership in the Former SPoT Employee Club. Those in the club by choice and those involuntarily in there. I think Levi is the latter
If she goes home with you, she can also clean up
Ass grab to the eskimo boots - hope those are a joke
More Former SPoT Employee Club members - they stick together
I've seen Frosty fall asleep in a club before, but never standing up
I give the crusty white pants and thong a thumbs up. Brittany does not agree. There several photos of the spaghetti and muffin in the camera when I got it back from Sierra
Sierra knows you have to stop for a mandatory foot fetish every now and then
That's James T. I would say we grew up skating together, but neither of us has grown up so I'll just say we skated way, way back together
Wow, I don't think I saw half the people in all these photos. Maybe I just don't remember. Abdias and Pat know the proper party photo gesture
I hope no one witnessed my embarassing dance moves. Notice how there's no one around us? We were the only ones getting down at this point. Yeah, I think people noticed
Here are two thirds of the girls that work here at SPoT - Christa and Kelly. Kelly got an A in Home Economics
Every time I see a girl with a Shaqueefa shirt on, I think, "What did Body do and/or say to this girl to make that happen?"
Adam Burgess is in the FSEC. Damn, did I see you that night Adam? Hope we had a fun time if so. Thanks for taking the party photos, Sierra. See you all next year


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