A Note From Rob Brink Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Note From Rob Brink

Posted on Wednesday, January 7, 2009 by Rob

Hello fellow skateboarding media beings...

Some of you might be interested in part one of this new éS Danny Garcia interview. Perhaps to read for yourself because you are a skate nerd and like Danny’s skateboarding. Or to link to...because sometimes it’s your job to link to stuff like it’s my job to sometimes link to stuff. Or maybe you’d link to it because maybe Danny rides for one of your companies. Or because the thing about the Louis Vuitton skateboards or the kid who rides for Gatorade has been on every skate blog and you need something new to post!

Or maybe you hate when I send these things every so often, in which case you can be like, “You suck, Brink! Stop sending me this s**t!” and I wont send ‘em to you anymore.

But wouldn’t you rather get it from a fellow skateboarder/friend/peer/colleague who actually did the work himself than some random PR person via templated press release?

I would... But that’s just me. As always, don’t feel obligated. It’s just a head’s up. Have a good one. Hope to see y’all soon at BlackBox or ASR.




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