Regular Weekend In Tampa Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Regular Weekend In Tampa

Posted on Monday, January 19, 2009 by Ryan

Pics by Ryan Clements and Ed Womble
Captions by Ryan Clements

I only bring my camera when I know that Rob won't be coming along. And since Rob doesn't have a motorcycle and would probably laugh at me if I suggested that we go skate a pool on Sunday afternoon, I didn't even bother calling him. Since I haven't been on an airplane for over a month, I'm learning what weekends at home are all about. Here's what I did from Saturday night to Sunday night.

I got the most random phone call on Saturday night from Dan Pensyl. He was on tour with a bunch of kids, mostly from NY, but Dylan Perry somehow managed to get a seat in the van, too. When they were dropping DMFP off back in Tampa, we met them for dinner at Estella's on Davis Island
Sunday morning comes quick if you go out late in Ybor, so I avoided that. Jorge kept it under control, too. We geared up before noon and took the bikes on a skate mission
After a 45-minute ride from Ybor, this is where we arrived. My old-time friend Charlie Crank has the amazing ability to locate empty pools. This pic of Jorge is a TAKE A POOP, but also a good glimpse of how sick this pool is
This is Charlie just a split second after carving through the corner and hitting a few tiles. Thanks for the good time, Charlie
Todd Webb is over 40 and skates harder than you do. He could fs grind this thing every try
It took me an hour of trying to get a little scratcher, but I swear that my truck hit the tile
This would make a good "Anatomy of" in Thrasher. Jorge and the kid with the helmet are probably the only two under 35
Layback fs rock n' roll slide over the light? I don't think so, Jorge Angel. TAKE A POOP, Geek!
I skate with Jorge on a regular basis and he's always going for something really gnarly and throwing himself all over the place. Considering his skating habits, you would think he would be a maniac on a motorcycle, too, but surprisingly Jorge keeps it really mellow when he's on the Sportster
I have a ritual every Sunday evening that consists of drinking alcoholic beverages at Rock N Sports in Centro Ybor. After the first Car Bomb the Schaefer Clan arrived. I bet you didn't know that Brian had so many siblings, did you?


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