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Extra Time In CA

Posted on Tuesday, February 3, 2009 by Ryan

By Ryan Clements
Photos by Ryan and Jenna

Jenna and I landed in San Diego and drove up PCH to visit some friends in Ventura. That drive never gets old and you don't get views like this in Tampa
While we were sitting there, a fire truck and ambulance frantically pulled up. I was looking out into the water and all around to see if someone was seriously hurt. Come to find out they were there because this guy cut his hand, giving us yet another reason to make fun of surfers
Dinner in Ventura was at an Indian joint. How much do you think it would cost to get Rob to try all of these dishes?
It was the same day that President Obama was sworn in and people were literally partying in the streets in downtown Ventura
Sorry for the exploitation, but I couldn't resist. At least I gave her a dollar
Driving back down "The 5" the next day to CrossRoads we caught a covert military operation in progress around the Marine Corps Camp Pendleton base
The next few days was ASR, but it was Ternell's first trip ever to CA, so Jenna took him on a coastal tour while we hung out at the Show
The last mini-ramp demo of the last day of ASR got Dylan a trip to the emergency room in need of stitches after a chin smack
The Sunday after ASR we went to the home of one of Jenna's friends for a party and they had one of these animals
I bolted from the party in Landera Ranch when I found out that there was a skate park in the neighborhood. I got kicked out in about two minutes. The security guard told me that I had to have a "resident card." I told him that I wasn't a resident and he said that I needed to have a resident sponsor me to be able to skate, so I took my session to the curb in the parking lot
The place really didn't look that bad
I got back to the party, had a few drinks, and wandered around the "estate." This is what I found in the side courtyard. Not a bad pad to reside
It was the Monday after ASR and a tour of LA was in order. This was taken from the highest point we could drive to in the Hollywood Hills. Damn there are some amazing views up there
Not Jim Gray the former pro skateboarder
The Hollywood sign is always worth a quick snapshot
The headquarters are in Clearwater, there's an office in Ybor, and apparently I can't get away from them in Hollywood either
Tuesday brought me back to FUEL Studios once again to film for The Daily Habit. The week prior to Tampa Pro is Tampa Pro Week on FUEL, with Tampa Pro-related Habits all week long, leading up to the Live Webcast on Sunday, March 22nd at 12pm EST on FUEL.tv
L. to R. - Vern, me, and Daily Habit host Pat Parnell
This is what you're looking at when you're filming for The Daily Habit. It's a full-on professional Hollywood experience
The make-up girl told Vern that he had beautiful skin. She didn't say that to me
We filmed our Habit in about 30-minutes and they immediately started loading the band in. I don't remember the name of course, but Stevie Stratton from Volcom was the drummer. What a surprise!
That's me Clem on the left with our good pal Ian Hill from FUEL. Thanks to Ian getting it rolling a few years ago, we now have a great thing going with FUEL
We went into the studio on the other side of the building to do some voice-overs for the Tampa Am show on FUEL and found this perfect cement tranny wall on the set of some Spanish show
I thought that when I was 35 I would be more mature
One last lunch in Santa Monica at this place and we were off to Encinitas to continue the press junket. The name was deceiving since they only served food
We booked it right to Tony Hawk, Inc. and got a tour right off the bat. This is just a small sample of Birdman's deck collection
The Boom Boom HuckJam ramp is set up so Tony and friends can ride it at any time
That's Miki Vukovich holding a Hawk deck that came out when I was about 10, so we're talking like 25 years or so ago
I know that there's a lot of weird Tony Hawk stuff out there on the market, but vitamins? I guess at least they're good for you, right?
It was 4pm PST on Tuesday and time to do Tony Hawk's Demolition Radio show on Sirius. Co-host John, Tony's nephew, is on the left and the other co-host, old-time friend Jesse Fritsch, is on the right. The show started with literally no preparation at all. We didn't go over anything...it was like, "Okay, we're on the air...what's up?"
Tony Hawk in full-on radio talk show host mode, which he handles damn well. I sat in there for the entire time chatting with the dudes on air. Thanks for the fun time!
After session at Tony Hawk, Inc. with Jared Prindle. He does something there, but I can't recall what it is. I just wanted to get a photo of the TF and obviously thought that it would make it better if someone was doing something. Since my camera sucks, the only thing I could really catch was something on the ledge due to the delay, but Jared was NOT feeling it at all. He was like, "Why do you want to take a photo of me?" This is why, Jared
More food that Rob would have to get paid large sums of money to try. This is the tuna at Nobu, a sushi joint in the Hard Rock in Downtown San Diego that we ate at the last night of the trip. That was one of the most amazing meals I've ever had


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