Post-Soviett at Czar in Ybor City Presented by Cons Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Post-Soviett at Czar in Ybor City Presented by Cons

Posted on Wednesday, February 25, 2009 by Welch

By Matt Welch

On Thursday, February 19th, the first Post-Soviett night went down. It's a once-a-month FREE show at Czar in Ybor City with $1 Mickey's until 10pm and $2 Yuenglings after that...and yes, I'm aware that "Soviet" is spelled with one 't', but the "ett" represents "Every Third Thursday." That's when this event goes down. Every third Thursday of each month. Get it? Got it. Good. It's actually presented by Skatepark off Tampa and this time around by Cons, too.

The Bands? The Tim Version, Watson, Springfield Cubs, and The Lake Audition. The vibes? Good for sure. The venue sounded great, the show-goers were feeling the $1 beers, and the Cons swag was graciously accepted by those who were able to get their hands on some of it. If All Stars are your jam, check out the rebuilt/revamped All Star that's made for skating. Better built and comfy. Yup! Comfy.

The show wrapped up shortly after midnight, but the good vibes continued well after. The next Post-Soviett goes down on Thursday, March 19th (the day before Tampa Pro) with Gatorface, Monikers, New Bruises, and Rational Anthem, and this time Insight is sending out some goodness to get passed around. Hope to see you out!

Early in the evening my beard was attacked by Cons stickers

Amber and Chris both wanted a shirt, so they decided to take the same one

The Tim Version on stage. Solid dudes. Solid jams. Going to Japan in April!

Another beard attack. This time, straws

Watson getting their jam on. One of Tampa's best for sure

The ghost of Dylan Perry showed up

A foot fetish pic for Rob. These are the new All Stars that are made for skateboarding. Not your average All Star

Some girl thought it'd be appropriate to dance on the pole while the bands were playing. I think I was the only one that noticed


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