Put Some Rice in That Bowl Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Put Some Rice in That Bowl

Posted on Wednesday, March 4, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Today I skated the bowl a bit. I also engaged in some oriental stereotypes: eating rice and taking pictures. Here's the outcome...

Longboard Kyle has been around the world since joining the FSEC (Former SPoT Employee Club) years ago. He's got some great stories. Maybe we should all try something like that?
I have a mountain of click stats spanning several years that show pretty much no one cares about transition type skating except the few people on the transitions, but when I mention that fact, someone always complains. Fact is, more people will click on silly meaningless crap like these bell peppers I just cut up for dinner than photos of people doing things on a curved surface with a skateboard. I wonder why that is?
You can find Ryan Dillow in the Shop. Hopefully he doesn't join the FSEC anytime soon
You can't have a rice bowl without onions
I think it's amazing how many different types of skateboarders there are
The food fetish continues...joining my bell peppers and onions is some seasoned up bird
Meron grabs go great with rice
The oriental technique of stir fry will get more clicks than a meron grab
Check in tomorrow to find out what Wizard Smoke from the Shop has in store for you. He's casting spells and cutting prices in a new, weekly-type special thing
My slant eyed family has always considered this particular brand of oriental salt as being "white." I prefer this over the sketchy true Asian soy sauces
Kyle Randall is a Skatepark of Tampa OG. If a rock and roll is in your choice of maneuvers on a skateboard, make sure you're all the way up on the deck like Kyle here
Butta is not just for ledges, son. This is for my bell peppers and onions. Don't dare put it on rice unless you're "white"
Darrin Rutledge is also a Skatepark of Tampa OG. I bet he puts butter on his rice
Well it's not exactly a rice bowl, but it's close. The finished product is good like a smooth back lip in the bowl
I've known Brian Schaefer for nearly two decades now and I can't think of one single time I've ever seen him eat rice. Sounds like I need to cook this fool some dinner


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