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Tuesdays at the U

Posted on Wednesday, March 11, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

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Someone needs to take the straight leg frontside grab to the streets along with all the other grabs that have suddenly become popular again. Mike Frazier has some of the best ones. Imagine that down a 10 stair
We should have a lip tricks only vert contest. How sick would that be? Just like a street contest, your mom and dad wouldn't get it because there's no flying trapeeze act, but your average skateboarder would be hyped. Mike Frazier - noseslide fakie
We need more Anthony Furlong helmets. Get yours and come be frightened with us on the U next Tuesday. That's a kickflip mute
Furlong makes the beginner's street trick look good on the U - varial flip
Just as it is with all you ladies out there, Schaefer is not committed to this frontside grind. Hence, take a poop
Someone should make a helmet shaped like a ski mask, bank robber style. Straight gangster on the U. Furlong, make that your new model
Frazier asked me what this kid's name is. He doesn't have a name. Just call him Dirt Weasel. Lil' Weasel's claiming he's going to spend more time on the U. See U next Tuesday
Anthony Furlong's 540 tail grab reminds me of the H-Street days of skateboarding. Does anyone do them frontside? That would be nuts
Nice to see some young style on the U. That's a good looking backside air
Anthony Furlong - frontside nosegrind, popped out like a gnarly zit
Whoa, Furlong's looking for a stinky pinky. Maybe Schaefer can plant an egg in there. There's something about the eggplant trick page and the tail block trick page that seems to have a common theme
Anthony Furlong - kickfrip meron
Check the full sequence. Anthony Furlong - kickfrip meron
If the U scares you to death like me, just come join the peanut gallery next Tuesday
Kevin Coss is back from an extended period of time away from the U
I think the backside ollie is one of the better looking tricks on transition. Too bad I never learned them right. That's Schaefer committing. Ladies, take note
Looks like Furlong is not he only one getting "backside air." That's Schaefer
There was a decent session of around eight people enjoying the new layer. Bring your alley-oop 50-50 to the U next Tuesday. It will be Tampa Pro week so maybe some people we be in town already
Here's a sequence of Schaefer's eggplant with no backside air interference from Furlong


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