Tampa Pro 2009 Street Qualifiers Heat Sheets Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2009 Street Qualifiers Heat Sheets

Posted on Friday, March 20, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Past winners of Tampa Pro go straight to the Semi-Finals on Sunday so they are not in this list. The ones I know that are here are Dennis Busenitz, Kerry Getz, Greg Lutzka, Kyle Berard, Gershon Mosley, Tony Trujillo, and Eric Koston.

As far as the Pro Vert Contest, there aren't enough people in it yet to fill out the top ten spots that have prize money: Marcelo Bastos, Anthony Furlong, Chris Gentry, Phil Hajal, Pierre Luc Gagnon, Danny Mayer, Elliot Sloan, Adam Taylor, and Lincoln Ueda.

Javier Nunez: Heat 1, 1st skater.
Shut, Supreme, Diamond
Stance: R Hometown: NJ
Dave Capauano: Heat 1, 2nd skater.
OutLook Skateboards, Burley Wheels, Burley Bearings
Stance: R Hometown: Winter Park FL
Jed Shooter: Heat 1, 3rd skater.
Finesse, Endless Grind, Roughneck Hardware, Domestic Apparel
Stance: R Hometown: Fayetteville NC
Ronnie Gordon: Heat 1, 4th skater.
Keystone Skateboards, Jetty Life Apparel, Autobahn, DaKine, Etnies, S-One, Switch Foot Skate Shop
Stance: G Age: 32 Hometown: Collingswood NJ
Cody Eurich: Heat 1, 5th skater.
Grindforlife.org, Who Skates
Stance: R Age: 30 Hometown: West Palm Beach FL
Chris Kendall: Heat 1, 6th skater.
Ninja, Sunrise
Stance: G Age: 30 Hometown: Jax FL
Danny Supa: Heat 1, 7th skater.
Stereo, Nike SB, Arnette, Hi Fidelity, Rival Skate Shop, King Stampede Clothing
Stance: G Hometown: NYC NY
Julian Etheridge: Heat 1, 8th skater.
Type S Wheels, Wave Riding Vehicles, Cardinal Skate Shop, Twisted Trees Skateboards, Positive Creations Clothing, Guerrilla Records, Rock Star Bearings
Stance: G Age: 34 Hometown: Virginia Beach VA
Ron Allen: Heat 1, 9th skater.
Satori, Creation, Osiris, Indy, Guayaki
Stance: G Hometown: East Bay Area
Thomas Parent: Heat 1, 10th skater.
Vans, Control Skateboards, Empire Skate Shop, Hubba Wheels, Vestal, Venture, South-Parc skatepark
Stance: G Hometown: Montreal Quebec
Brian Tucci: Heat 1, 11th skater.
Circle A Skateboards, Indy, VU (View) Skate Shop
Stance: R Hometown: DC
Gary Smith: Heat 1, 12th skater.
Hoodlum Skateboards, Ergophobia Clothing, Krux, View Skateshop, Underground Wheels, Dakine, Nature Hardware
Stance: G Age: 31 Hometown: Baltimore MD
Peter Ramondetta: Heat 1, 13th skater.
Real, Circa, Circa Apparel, Thunder, Spitfire, Roughneck Hardware, Newell, HUF
Stance: R Hometown: SF CA
Richard Brito: Heat 1, 14th skater.
Stance: R Hometown: Canary Islands Tenerife
Mario Saenz: Heat 1, 15th skater.
Sugar Skateboards, Zarape Skate Shop, Grind King Trucks, DC Shoes (Int'l), Monster
Stance: R Age: 20 Hometown: Mexico City Mexico
Robert Lopez Mont: Heat 1, 16th skater.
Substance Skateboards, Ergophobia, Rockstar Bearings
Stance: R Age: 22 Hometown: Guaynabo PR
Danny Morrin: Heat 2, 1st skater.
DVS, Seed, Nixon, Dakine, Project, Hurley, Pro Skateboard Shop
Stance: R Age: 30 Hometown: Tuckerton NJ
Mark Appleyard: Heat 2, 2nd skater.
Flip, Globe, Volcom, Ricta, Boost, CCS, Thunder
Stance: G Hometown: Oakville Ontario
Tim O'Connor: Heat 2, 3rd skater.
Habitat, Quiksliver, Venture, Adidas, Swiss, Liberty Boardshop
Stance: R Hometown: Morristown NJ
Brian Anderson: Heat 2, 4th skater.
Girl, Four Star, Nike, Spitfire, Independent, CCS, Diamond, Skate Mental, Indy
Stance: R Hometown: SF CA
Rodrigo Tx: Heat 2, 5th skater.
Flip, eS Footwear, Fury, Ricta, Sigilo, Odyssey, Diamond Supply Co., MOB, LRG
Stance: G Hometown: Brazil
Tony Manfre: Heat 2, 6th skater.
Shut, WESC, Nike (flow), Indy, HiFi Wheels
Stance: G Age: 27 Hometown: Sonoma CA
Aquil Brathwaite: Heat 2, 7th skater.
Famous Stars and Straps , Hubba (flow), Venture, DC Shoe Co. (flow), City Stars, Rockstar
Stance: G Age: 21 Hometown: Middleton RI
Fred Gall: Heat 2, 8th skater.
Habitat, Domestics, Ipath, Independent, NJ Skateshop
Stance: R Age: 30 Hometown: Sewaren NJ
Geoff Rowley: Heat 2, 9th skater.
Flip, Vans, Ricta, Independent, Volcom, MOB, Boost Mobile
Stance: R Hometown: Liverpool
Keegan Sauder: Heat 2, 10th skater.
Vans, Zero, Spitfire, Independent, Anti-Social Skateshop, RVCA, Old Man Jeans
Stance: R Hometown: Vancouver, BC Canada
John Rattray: Heat 2, 11th skater.
Zero, Zero Wheels, Osiris, Thunder, Modus Bearings, Elwood
Stance: R Hometown: Aberdeen
Alex Olson: Heat 2, 12th skater.
Girl, Quiksilver, Indy, Spitfire, Supreme, Vans
Stance: G Hometown: Los Angeles CA
Jackson Curtin: Heat 2, 13th skater.
DGK, Gold Wheels, LRG, Venture, Reebok, FTC, Mob Grip
Stance: R Age: 24 Hometown: Washington D.C.
Felix Arguelles: Heat 2, 14th skater.
Famous, Indy, Lexani, Shut
Stance: G Hometown: Los Angeles CA
Lenny Rivas: Heat 2, 15th skater.
DGK, Gold Wheels, Venture, Diamond, Street Machine
Stance: R Hometown: San Diego CA
Danny Falla: Heat 3, 1st skater.
5Boro, Adidas, Autobahn, Rockstar Bearings, Brixton
Stance: G Age: 26 Hometown: NY NY
Wieger Van Wageningen: Heat 3, 2nd skater.
Nike SB, enjoi, WESC, Swiss, Independent, 100% Skateshop
Stance: G Age: 25 Hometown: Eindhoven Holland
Tyrone Olson: Heat 3, 3rd skater.
Westside Skateshop, Struggle Skateboards
Stance: R Age: 33 Hometown: Madison WI
Nick Dompierre: Heat 3, 4th skater.
Real, Spitfire, Thunder, Solstice, No Problemo Burrito Shop, Roughneck Hardware, DC, DC Apparel
Stance: G Hometown: New Bedford MA
Mikey Taylor: Heat 3, 5th skater.
Alien Workshop, etnies, Odyssey, Thunder Trucks, Ghetto Child Wheels, Universal, Black Magic, Reflex, IG Boardshop
Stance: R Hometown: Newbury Park CA
Chaz Ortiz: Heat 3, 6th skater.
Zoo York, DC, FKD, Bones, Silver Trucks, Warp Skatepark, Gatorade
Stance: R Age: 14 Hometown: Chicago IL
Dan Pensyl: Heat 3, 7th skater.
Nike, 5boro, Spitfire, Thunder, Volcom
Stance: R Hometown: Brooklyn NY
Charles Conti: Heat 3, 8th skater.
OutLook Skateboards, Burley Wheels, Burley Bearings
Stance: ? Hometown: Longwood FL
Kris Markovich: Heat 3, 9th skater.
Given, The Allyance, Teenage Runaway, Project Hardware, Rise Skateshop
Stance: R Hometown: Gulf Breeze FL
Billy Rohan: Heat 3, 10th skater.
Instant Winner Skateboards, Acapulco Gold Clothing, Supreme, Vans, Harold Hunter Foundation, Open Road of New York
Stance: G Age: 28 Hometown: NYC NY
Matt Field: Heat 3, 11th skater.
IPath, Rasa Libre, Ace Trucks
Stance: R Age: 34 Hometown: San Francisco CA
Rob Gonzalez: Heat 3, 12th skater.
Listen, LRG, Adidas, Independent, Diamond, Mob Grip, Satori
Stance: R Hometown: Long Beach CA
Lindsey Robertson: Heat 3, 13th skater.
DC Shoe Co., Mystery, Pharmacy Skateshop, MIA
Stance: R Hometown: Miami FL
Chad Bartie: Heat 3, 14th skater.
Kewday, Billabong, Bones, FKD
Stance: G Hometown: Australia
Sean Malto: Heat 3, 15th skater.
Girl, etnies, Spitfire, Escapist, Thunder, Diamond, Fourstar
Stance: R Age: 19 Hometown: Lansing KS
David Gonzalez: Heat 3, 16th skater.
Flip, Fury trucks, Ricta Wheels, Globe Shoes, Libre Skateshop, CCS, Mob
Stance: G Age: 18 Hometown: Medellin Columbia
Shuriken Shannon: Heat 3, 17th skater.
Osiris, Black Label, Billabong, Satori Wheels, Venture, Pacific Drive Skate Shop, FKD
Stance: R Age: 22 Hometown: San Diego CA
Johnny Layton: Heat 4, 1st skater.
Toy Machine, Vans, Pig Wheels, Thunder, Vans Appael, Furnace, MOB
Stance: R Age: 23 Hometown: Murrieta CA
Chico Brenes: Heat 4, 2nd skater.
Chocolate, DVS, LRG, Autobahn
Stance: R Hometown:
Mike Carroll: Heat 4, 3rd skater.
Girl, Lakai, Four Star, Diamond, Royal, Fillmore, Fast Forward
Stance: G Hometown: Friskonia CA
Karl Watson: Heat 4, 4th skater.
Organika, LRG, Satori, Krux, Ninja
Stance: R Hometown: Richmond CA
Rick Howard: Heat 4, 5th skater.
Girl, Indy, Fourstar, Diamond, Lakai, CCS
Stance: G Hometown: Vancouver Lakers Canada
Mike Peterson: Heat 4, 6th skater.
Consolidated, Globe, Billabong, Ace Trucks, Hoon, Nixon, Ninja
Stance: R Hometown: Jax FL
Justin Strubing: Heat 4, 7th skater.
Santa Cruz, VOX Footwear, Krux, Spitfire, NinJa, SkateWorks, Silo Boxers, Skatepark of Tampa Party Team
Stance: R Hometown: San Francisco CA
Adam Dyet: Heat 4, 8th skater.
Darkstar, Bones, Indy, Lost, Nixon, BC Surf & Sport, Green Room, Skatepark of Tampa Party Team, Skatepark of Tampa Gambling Team, Neff
Stance: R Age: 23 Hometown: Salt Lake City UT
Carlos Leon: Heat 4, 9th skater.
OutLook Skateboards, Burley Wheels, Burley Bearings
Stance: R Hometown: Orlando FL
Will Powers: Heat 4, 10th skater.
Sweet Time Clothing, Randoms, Ninja, Ace Trucks, Black Plague Wheels, 187 Pads, Bern Helmets
Stance: R Hometown: Portland OR
Jahmal Williams: Heat 4, 11th skater.
Nike SB, Autobahn, MIA Skateshop, Hopps Skateboards, Diamond
Stance: R Hometown: Miami FL
Matt Beach: Heat 4, 12th skater.
Skate Mental, Nike SB
Stance: G Hometown: Portland OR
Jared Lee: Heat 4, 13th skater.
Untitled Skateboards, BP Skatepark, Adio, Independent, Analog, Dakine, Sentry Wheels
Stance: R Age: 25 Hometown: Waynesville NC
Reese Forbes: Heat 4, 14th skater.
Skate Mental Skateboards, Quiksilver, Nike SB
Stance: R Hometown: Sherman Oaks CA
Jereme Rogers: Heat 4, 15th skater.
Plan B, Famous Stars & Straps, Diamond, Swiss, Red Bull, Silver, PMP
Stance: G Age: 24 Hometown: Boston MA
Eli Reed: Heat 4, 16th skater.
Zoo York, True East, Supreme, Autobahn, Mountain Dew
Stance: R Hometown: Boston MA
Angel Ramirez: Heat 4, 17th skater.
Foundation, Independent, Spitfire, Vans, 303 Board Shop
Stance: G Age: 21 Hometown: Denver CO
Sefan Janoski: Heat 4, 18th skater.
Analog, Habitat, FKD, Venture, Nike, Liberty Board Shop
Stance: Hometown: Vacaville CA
Paul Rodriguez: Heat 5, 1st skater.
Plan B, Nike SB, Silver, FKD Bearings and Grip, Active, Nixon, Mountain Dew, Diamond, incase
Stance: G Hometown: Los Angeles CA
Darrell Stanton: Heat 5, 2nd skater.
Element, Volcom, Element Footwear, Force, Spitfire, Diamond, Boost Mobile, Furnace
Stance: G Hometown: Houston TX
Torey Pudwill: Heat 5, 3rd skater.
DVS, Matix, Skatelab, Active, Ogio, Almost, Bones Bearings, Venture Trucks, Select Wheels
Stance: R Age: 18 Hometown: Simi Valley CA
Jani Laitiala: Heat 5, 4th skater.
Blind, DC, Spitfire, Oakley, New Way Skate Shop
Stance: R Hometown: Helsinki
Chany Jeanquenin: Heat 5, 5th skater.
Expedition One, Indy, Viva Wheels, Diamond
Stance: R Hometown: Encinitas CA
Pete Eldridge: Heat 5, 6th skater.
Mystery, Thunder Trucks, Nocturnal Skate Shop, Adidas (flow)
Stance: G Age: 28 Hometown: Pennington NJ
Anthony Shetler: Heat 5, 7th skater.
Zoo York, Spitfire, Thunder, Lakai (flow), FKD
Stance: R Age: 26 Hometown: Long Beach CA
Danny Fuenzalida: Heat 5, 8th skater.
Think Skateboards, Satori Wheels, Venture, Swiss Bearings, MIA, Lost Clothing
Stance: R Age: 27 Hometown: San Francisco CA
Andrew Pott: Heat 5, 9th skater.
Famous Stars and Straps, Venture, Oakley, Ninestar, Nike SB (flow), Kontrol Wheels (flow), City Stars
Stance: R Age: 20 Hometown: Inglewood CA
Elissa Steamer: Heat 5, 10th skater.
Zero, Nike SB (flow), Thunder, Skatepark of Tampa
Stance: R Hometown: San Francisco CA
Malcolm Watson: Heat 5, 11th skater.
World Industries Boards, World Industries Footwear, Autobahn
Stance: G Age: 31 Hometown: Los Angeles CA
Milton Martinez: Heat 5, 12th skater.
Woodoo Skateboards, Red Bull, DC, Shifty, Oakley
Stance: G Age: 17 Hometown: Mar del Plata Argentina
Adelmo Jr.: Heat 5, 13th skater.
Organika, LRG, Ipath, Venture, Autobahn, Diamond, Sambazon, Viva
Stance: R Hometown: Aracaju Brazil
Sierra Fellers: Heat 5, 14th skater.
Circa, Venture, Foundation, Spirit Skate Shop, CCS, Nixon, Dakine
Stance: Hometown: Whitefish MT
Ryan Nix: Heat 5, 15th skater.
Gold Star, Ace, Mesh Skatepark, Westside Skateshop, 01 The Watches
Stance: R Age: 25 Hometown: DaSwamps FL
Zered Bassett: Heat 5, 16th skater.
Zoo York, DVS, Hubba Wheels, Red Bull, Rival Skateshop, Swiss
Stance: R Age: 24 Hometown: NYC NY
Brandon Biebel: Heat 5, 17th skater.
Girl, Lakai, Silver, Momentum, Matix, FKD, Diamond, Industrial Rideshop
Stance: G Hometown: Los Angeles CA


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