Tampa Pro 2009 Credits and Thanks Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2009 Credits and Thanks

Posted on Tuesday, March 24, 2009 by Rob

Thanks to our sponsors: Nike SB, Gatorade, Red Bull, Indy, Mob Grip, Nixon, Xing Tea, Dean Guitars, Baker, Zumiez, CCS, Skull Candy, Tech Deck, Neff Headwear, Thunder, Bones, Real, Spitfire, War Effort, Flip, Dakine, Bob B, Silver Trucks, FKD, Teenage Runaway, Brixton, Pheroh, Season Assault Wallets.

Thanks to the mags: Transworld, The Skateboard Mag, Skateboarder Magazine, Thrasher, Slap, Automatic, Focus, Low Card, FTK.

Check the daily Red Bull podcasts at redbullskateboarding.com.

Congrats to Charlie Thomas for first place in the Team Manager and Industry VIP Contest.

Thanks to Fuel TV for the live HD webcast.

Thanks to all Skatepark of Tampa employees for holding it down behind the scenes.

Random Money Makers

  • Danny Mayer - kickflp 540 on call, kickflip backside 360 - $500
  • Justin Strubing - feeble frontside 270 out over the loveseat - $100
  • Reese Forbes - ollie up the stairs - $100
  • Ed Selego - alley oop fakie 5-0 up the escalator - $100
  • Danny Supa - half cab inward heelflip manual - $100

Just for Showing Up Awards

  • Red Bull (Sarah and crew), thanks for all the help with everything (vert ramp and fishing trip).
  • Gatorade (Kenny Mitchell) - welcome aboard, thanks for all the help, beginning a long relationship. Sponsor Mikey Taylor!
  • Fuel TV crew (Paul G.) - HD webcast, Tampa Pro Week on Fuel TV, all the help.
  • Rick Howard and entire Girl Family - Jeron Wilson, Mike Carroll, Brian Anderson, Sean Malto, Alex Olson, Chico Brenes, Andrew Langi, Brandon Biebel, Rudy Johnson, Sam Smyth.
  • Brandon Biebel - first time ever in Tampa.
  • Elissa Steamer - only girl in the Contest and always holding it down harder than most dudes. Down for life.
  • Brian Tucci - being here since the first Pro Contest. Down for life.
  • Charlie Thomas - winning the TM Contest.
  • Karl Watson - Overall Great Positive Dude, heal up fast.

The Skateboard Mag Fan Favorite Award

Brian Anderson

Gatorade Award - Labor of Love

Dennis Busenitz, $2500 and a year's supply of Gatorade.


Check out highlights from The Skateboard Mag, Josh Stewart podcasts at Red Bull Skateboarding, a full rebroadcast of the whole thing at Fuel.tv, Blair's coverage at the Transworld site, Rob Brink's sequences, and Adam Salo's coverage at the four capital letters. Thank you all for coming to our crusty skateboard hut yet again.


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