Random Slashing at the Bro Bowl Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Random Slashing at the Bro Bowl

Posted on Tuesday, March 31, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

The images below can also be viewed as a slide show.

Whoa, where did that thing come from? Looks like it would be pretty shaky, but that thing doesn't move when you hit it
We have an announcement for tomorrow that could significantly increase the size of the FSEC (Former SPoT Employee Club). Check back then. Kory Albury is already in the FSEC. He was just about to ride away from this front rock...
...when suddenly the constructors of the contraption picked it up and took it home with them. I think it's time someone built a permanent addition to the Bro Bowl, like say, I don't know, a LIP???
A snap off the boobie is always a fun time
High five on your board choice! Too bad Ed Selego got the boot from Habitat recently
Another proud member of the FSEC doing tricks that are older than he is. That's Ichabod, former Innetech lurker
Bro Bowl Biebel right there sure had some interesting trick selection, but I missed getting photos of it. Next time
Normally when your board is upside down at the Bro Bowl, it's probably because you just ate a steaming pile of poop in a surfer slasher wipeout. In this case it's intentional - it's a kickflip
Speaking of surfer slashing, yes, he pulled this in. It was straight up bitchin', bro
Every time I go to the Bro Bowl, this dude is there running things. Do you realize how fast you have to be going to slide around on something with no lip? This is a no comply tailslide. Check the sequence up next
It's so sick to see someone actually killing it in the Bro Bowl
That's not a lip. Someone add one


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