Nike SB Stefan Janoski Shoe Giveaway Quiz Answers Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Nike SB Stefan Janoski Shoe Giveaway Quiz Answers

Posted on Thursday, May 7, 2009 by Rob

If you were one of the first eight people to get 100% correct, you'll get an email from me. Thanks for taking the quiz.


What band did Stefan skate to in his "One Alone" video part?

Option A: Nirvana, Option B: Modest Mouse, Option C: The Shins
Correct Answer: A

During the Tampa Pro 2007 Best Trick, what trick did Stefan land?

Option A: Switch back tail, Option B: Switch flip crooks, Option C: Switch hurricane
Correct Answer: B

What shoe is highlighted in Stefan’s first Nike ad?

Option A: Bruin, Option B: Regime, Option C: Blazer
Correct Answer: B

What color are the laces on Stefan’s shoes on the January 2003 SLAP cover?

Option A: Red, Option B: Blue, Option C: Green
Correct Answer: A

What is the name of Stefan’s dog?

Option A: George, Option B: Ace, Option C: Liam
Correct Answer: C

What trick is Stefan doing in the cover of issue 47 of The Skateboard Mag?

Option A: Switch nosegrind, Option B: Noseblunt stall, Option C: Crooks pop-over
Correct Answer: C

What board brand did Stefan skate for before he headed over to Habitat?

Option A: Expedition, Option B: 1031, Option C: Rasa Libre
Correct Answer: A

What city does Stefan Janoski currently reside in?

Option A: San Diego, Option B: Sacramento, Option C: Miami
Correct Answer: B

In what year did Stefan Janoski turn pro?

Option A: 2003, Option B: 1998, Option C: 2000
Correct Answer: A

What shoe brand did Stefan skate for with Brian Anderson, Brad Staba, Tim O’Connor, and John Rattray as teammates?

Option A: Sheep, Option B: Savier, Option C: Evol
Correct Answer: B

What trick does Stefan land down the Sacramento triple set in Mosaic?

Option A: Switch flip, Option B: 360 flip, Option C: Switch backside 180
Correct Answer: C

What stance is Stefan?

Option A: Goofy, Option B: Regular, Option C: Switch nollie
Correct Answer: B

What is the name of the song Stefan skates to in Subtleties?

Option A: Paper Thin Walls, Option B: Omaha, Option C: Troubled Times
Correct Answer: A

What instrument does Stefan like to play?

Option A: Flute, Option B: Guitar, Option C: Lapsteel
Correct Answer: B

What is the animal on Stefan’s first Venture truck?

Option A: T-Rex, Option B: Monkey, Option C: Sabertooth
Correct Answer: C

What is the colorway on Stefan’s first pro Venture truck?

Option A: Maroon and beige, Option B: Black and white, Option C: Burnt cypress and glowing darkness
Correct Answer: A

What clothing brand did Stefan skate for before Analog?

Option A: LRG, Option B: Quiksilver, Option C: Matix
Correct Answer: B

What skate shop does Stefan skate for?

Option A: 561, Option B: Liberty, Option C: Pacific Drive
Correct Answer: B


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