Don't Stop Believing Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Don't Stop Believing

Posted on Tuesday, May 19, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

That's my longtime friend Jesse on the right. Similar to how I turned a childhood playtime activity into a fully legit job, Jesse makes cartoons for a living. He's been drawing and doing animation since the womb and started one of Tampa's only legit studios. I don't like that Jap stuff, but Jesse loves it. Asian women, too. On the side, he plays in a band called Roppongi's Ace
There was some t-shirt show at Czar the other night. Ronald McDonald had my soul for a while but I think I've finally broken free. That's Schaefer with Beth and Curse from Dean Guitars. Dean hooked it up two guitars for Minneapolis Damn Am. Thanks, Curse!
Every time Schaefer has those shoes on, I know he has intended to look somewhat dressed up for the night. He's been using them to spice up the black jeans and white t-shirt since the 90's. Somehow, he made it through the whole night with that umbrella, too. Keep it classy
I squeezed Matt Welch's beard and these things fell on the floor: broken drumstick, cut off Dickies, a crusty Vans Spicoli slip-on, and The Senator's phone number
Meanwhile, down the street, the scene as Reservoir hasn't changed. Furlong was there playing pool with reverse mullet lazy mohawk guy
That's no lazy mohawk there. It's another fine sample of the standard Reservoir Bar clientelle
Details are pretty fuzzy, but somehow Roberto Aleman was in Tampa the other night. I discovered this by waking up in the morning and going through my camera. Schaefer somehow still has that umbrella
The correct formula for proper party photos includes putting yourself in them, adding some girls, and holding up your beer to prove you are in fact partying
Now we're back to the bands. I can't really make fun of this guy because of my hippie hair, but at least I got shoes on and a clean upper lip. Thanks for the entertainment. I know this guy has to have a cruiser board. See you on the Booze Cruise on Friday, hippie


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