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In4mation Quiz Results

Posted on Wednesday, May 27, 2009 by Rob

Below are the results and correct answers for the In4mation Quiz. If you were one of the first five people with the highest percentage correct, you will receive an email from me. Thanks for checking out the site and participating in the quiz.


I bet the underwear Vanessa Torres wears is most likely...

Option A: Boxers
Option B: Briefs
Option C: Regular women's panties

Correct Answer: B

Answers breakdown: 24 (24.2%) chose A
26 (26.3%) chose B
49 (49.5%) chose C.

The Bro Bowl, a "skate park" built in Tampa 30 years ago that for some reason is still there so Officer Doofy giving you a ticket for skateboarding downtown can say, "You should be at the 'skate park' downtown", should be...

Option A: Destroyed and replaced with something from this century
Option B: Preserved because it's your daddy's history
Option C: Turned over to the Rollerbladers

Correct Answer: A

Answers breakdown: 43 (42.6%) chose A
48 (47.5%) chose B
10 (9.9%) chose C.

What current In4mation pro rider used to ride for Zoo York?

Option A: Anthony Correa
Option B: Billy Rohan
Option C: Sean Kelling

Correct Answer: A

Answers breakdown: 40 (40%) chose A
38 (38%) chose B
22 (22%) chose C.

My least favorite thing about the sketchy skateboarding industry is...

Option A: Faux pros
Option B: Rapper pros
Option C: Fashion pros

Correct Answer: A

Answers breakdown: 28 (27.7%) chose A
28 (27.7%) chose B
45 (44.6%) chose C.

In4mation pro Nikhil Thayer rides for what skate shop?

Option A: Active
Option B: Huf
Option C: FTC

Correct Answer: C

Answers breakdown: 29 (28.7%) chose A
21 (20.8%) chose B
51 (50.5%) chose C.

If I was forced to put hardware in my butt, it would be...

Option A: A full set of bearings. No lube
Option B: A baseplate
Option C: The kingpin side of a skate tool

Correct Answer: A

Answers breakdown: 37 (37%) chose A
13 (13%) chose B
50 (50%) chose C.

Which pro skater would you make out with for a million bucks?

Option A: Corey Duffel
Option B: Antwuan Dixon
Option C: Mike Mo Capaldi

Correct Answer: C

Answers breakdown: 20 (19.8%) chose A
16 (15.8%) chose B
65 (64.4%) chose C.

You will never, ever see me do this trick in public, not even for the above mentioned million dollars...

Option A: One foot ollie
Option B: Blunt nosegrab
Option C: Early grab

Correct Answer: B

Answers breakdown: 26 (26%) chose A
31 (31%) chose B
43 (43%) chose C.


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