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The Park Still Bites, But The Contest Was Pretty Good

Posted on Wednesday, November 13, 2002 by Ryan

The Park Still Bites, But The Contest Was Pretty Good
November 13, 2002
By Ryan Clements

     It was Central Florida at its finest with Clay King on the mic, One Nation as the main sponsor, and Savier rep., Will Campbell, on the judging panel. I was actually surprised at the turn-out considering that the event basically had little to no advertising. I heard about it second-hand from one of the local SPoT kids, so that's how I convinced Rob to go with me. It's beyond me why no one sent flyers over to SPoT to help promote the contest.

     When we rolled up, the place was jammed. There were families with their beach chairs, picnic blankets, and coolers all set up to enjoy a day in beautiful downtown Lakeland. Seriously though, it couldn't have been a more beautiful day with totally clear skies and a comfortable temperature (for Florida at least).

     The contest started at about noon and only lasted a couple of hours, which made it even better in my eyes. In between each division there was a great session with contestants and non-contestants alike enjoying themselves on the horrible, broom-finished terrain.

     There was some sick skating with a couple of hardcore, construction working, old school Lakeland locals killing it in the 16 & Up division. Pat Steiner, as usual, ruled the entire skate park. The upset of the event occurred when yours truly, Ryan Clements, entered the sponsored division and pulled out a can of whoop-ass on Matt Giles. From here on out, those on the SPoT Team that get beaten by the manager in any event are officially kicked off!

     The best trick was a tough was held on the "big bump." The "big bump" is definitely one of biggest pieces of crap ever designed for skateboarding and very difficult to skate. Regardless, Abdias Rivera, Pat Steiner, and others managed to kill it. First place went to none other than Mark Pennywell, famous Lakeland skateboarder and step-brother of Andrew Reynolds.

     Special thanks to the City of Lakeland for allowing a contest at the park, Santa Fe - Clay, Vert, and everyone else that I forgot to mention.



11 & Under
1st - Jared Graybeal
2nd - Jesse Steale
3rd - Silas Barclay

12 - 15
1st - Nick Stentiford
2nd - Adam Isles
3rd - Austin Anglin

16 & Up
1st - Jeff Sharp
2nd - Richard Lambright
3rd - Aaron Austin

1st - Pat Steiner
2nd - Abdias Rivera
3rd - Ryan Clements (That's right, ya' heard!?!?)
4th - Matt Giles

Considering the difficultly level of ollieing this hip, Abdias is floating a nice one backside.
With skating as lame as this frontside 50/50, no wonder I beat Matt Giles.

This ollie over the ledge into the bank by Pat is not to be taken lightly.

Lakeland in full effect!
This dude was ripping it with backside bonelesses and frontside early grab airs on the quarterpipe...hell yeah!


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