Polar Opposites: From The Pool To The Park Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Polar Opposites: From The Pool To The Park

Posted on Friday, June 12, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

The images below can also be viewed as a slide show if you don't like the Back Button.

That's not the gnar pool drinker's beer of choice. It's okay, I can drink Stella at the pool jam since I don't have a chain wallet and Dickies shorts
It's much easier to rip this kind of lip than the tradition pool coping
Jereme Knibbs and Mike Derewenko are pretending to be yard workers in case someone official rolls up. Call me when the manual labor is done!
I need to start using my macro lens more. Right before the pool poop scoop session started, I broke out and headed to the good old comfortable street course at Skatepark of Tampa
Big Al showed up right before I left. The shallow end isn't looking so hot, but the deep end where that loveseat is sure looks like some tricks will go down right there
Now I'm back at the Park where the only manual labor is the work it takes to ride your skateboard. I'm over it so I'm sitting down behind the camera watching Tommy Presley backside big spin out of this NASCAR speed switch back tail
While looking at all kinds of bid'niss reports from our crazy computer systems here, I noticed Ray Ray is the top deck purchaser in the Shop. He goes an average of 13 days between boards. That's some seven ply destruction. This is a back smith on the box
Ray Ray can sit on top of a frontside crooked grind comfortable like a fat dude in a Lazy Boy, but I like the basic frontside noseslide photo better. Leveled out, back foot propped up, and pushing it along the greased up ledge
Alejandro Burnell lost the Garanimals and dresses like a big kid now. They grow up so fast. Actually, I have found it a much better strategy in life to grow up slow. Real slow. I'm like 80 years older than Alejandro and I'm still not done growing up
So I'm 80 years older than Alejandro but somehow we both have the same funny looking kickflips. My excuse is that I learned them in the 80's. His excuse is that he's going to grow out of this way of doing them soon. Too bad I'm stuck for life with mine
Are you guys feeling the slow shutter motion blur effect on the photos? I just think it looks a little less dull when all the focus is just on the skater and trick. That's Chris Jata working on keeping those switch frontside pop shuv its leveled out. Maybe the rolled up pants are throwing his balance off
How is Alejandro in this back d in full zombie stance? That's because the delay of game whistle got blown. He'll grow out of that one soon, too
Chris Jata - frontside flip angle one
Chris Jata - frontside flip angle two
Chris Jata - frontside flip angle three
This is Khris. We shot some backside heelflips. This is version one
This is Khris. We shot some backside heelflips. This is version two
Now I'm just shooting photos of random strangers. Who dat? Sorry I didn't get to introduce myself. Nice 360 flip over the hip
Alejandro with his big kid clothes and big kid ollie down the stairs
Khris likes those heel clicks. That's a switch frontside heelflip over the hip
More heels from Khris, this time in the nollie backside form on the Kahuna. I just formally met Khris today. When I looked up the correct spelling of his name in our flux capacitor gargantuan computer tracking database, there was a note from last year in there that said, "He's allowed back in per Clem." Looks like a little weirdness going on last year, but Khris is all clean now, right, Khris?
I don't know, Khris, I think mine looks waaaaay better. Ha


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