Copenhagen Pro 2009 Day One: City Lurk Out Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Copenhagen Pro 2009 Day One: City Lurk Out

Posted on Friday, June 26, 2009 by Rob

It was over nine grand to switch to a first class ticket to Copenhagen. No thanks. Back in plain old coach, it was still pretty nice. Free drinks and two decent meals
The best thing about being traveling skateboarders is knowing skateboarders in every town you go to and getting the full local tour. William, who runs Copenhagen Skatepark picked us up from the airport and then Thomas Kring showed us everything from the woods to a carnival to random skate spots around the city
McDonald's is hustling the Italian burgers out here
The city built this baby hip and ledge right next to a basketball court. The gub'ment really backs skating here. You can see by the upcoming photos of more spots. Even this silly little spot is better than the hurting ass Bro Bow the City of Tampa has stuck us with for the last 30 years
These crazy looking buildings with old architecture are everywhere. This is across the street from our hotel
This street plaza type spot is right in the middle of the city, free, and always open, just like Tampa's Bro Bowl. Except more than three people actually like this spot
There's some interesting graffiti at the street plaza spot
The asphalt is not the best thing in the world for a street plaza, but I'd rather skate the flat here than some 30 year old "skate park" the Tampa police and gub'ment send you to when you get kicked out of places downtown
Look at the name of this Copenhagen sandwich shop. It must mean something else over here
I ordered a chicken sandwich from this place. As I watched them take cold, unseasoned, wet, white chicken out and put it on weird ass bread with this strange green spread and questionable white paste, I didn't even take a bite of it. Everyone else seemed to enjoy their meal while we sat in this plaza. Maybe it's just me
Somehow we ended up at a carnival of all places. Schaefer won some handcuffs. I wonder what lucky girls is going to get put in those
Right next to the carnival is a forest where deer or whatever that animal is are walking around staring at you. He's probably going to end up on some sketchy sandwich somewhere
This ice cream shop had a line going around the building. Everyone in line was a little kid. Must be some great ice cream or maybe some crack in the Klondike bars here
Yet another walk through the woods where Vern is bonding with the swans. How peaceful
Maybe all us dudes should go on a romantic ride through the woods in one of these
We are now at yet another skate park funded by the city. There's a vert ramp, mini-ramp, and everything else you can think of here. I spy P-Stone, Thrasher filmer and beer chaser
This skate park is under some bridge. It has three bowls and a mini-ramp and is also supported by the city of Copenhagen
The park under the bridge is pretty tight if you're all about that tranny
Awesome baby mini in the back, too. Plus, it's all covered
Yep, it's yet another meron grab. It's okay, we're in another country. Thanks for taking the photo and proving that I skate tranny, Thomas
Later that night, we went to Thomas' house where he extended the hospitality of food and drinks to us. P-Stone licks his plate clean and grosses everyone out. Rotten egg farts are coming up in a minute
Thanks for the chow, Thomas. It's now 10pm and it's still light out. Many of us haven't slept in over 30 hours. Time to go
Vern passed out at pretty much every spot we stopped. It's rough flying from LA to Copenhagen then going out all day skating and hanging out straight off the plane
That's Vern taking yet another siesta in the lobby of your crazy hotel
I would like to thank Schaefer for the uncontrollable laughter resulting from his amazing slams at every single spot we stopped
We're now at Copenhagen Skatepark where it's all day practice today until 10pm. At that point the Park turns into a giant party with DJ, food, drunk people, room temperature Budweiser, dancing maniacs, and more. The street course is amazing this year. Make sure to check out the live webcast this weekend
Kerry Getz is here doing Koston's move, the Fandangle. Koston is here, too. There's going to be some amazing skating this weekend. See you here

A few minutes of chill cam footage from our first day...


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