Organika Quiz II Results Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Organika Quiz II Results

Posted on Tuesday, July 7, 2009 by Rob

Below are the results and correct answers for the Organika Quiz. If you were one of the first five people with the highest percentage correct, you will receive an email from me. Thanks for checking out the site and participating in the quiz.


In the Organika Concrete Jungle video, who has the varial heelflip on lock?

Option A: Adelmo Jr
Option B: Walker Ryan
Option C: Rodrigo Peterson

Correct Answer: B

Answers breakdown:
56 (18.4%) chose A
192 (63.2%) chose B
56 (18.4%) chose C

What's the last trick in the video?

Option A: Flat ground ollie
Option B: Slappy
Option C: Powerslide

Correct Answer: A

Answers breakdown:
156 (52.2%) chose A
47 (15.7%) chose B
96 (32.1%) chose C

Where did Zach Lyons do the ollie over the trash can to frontside wallride?

Option A: Flushing
Option B: Freedom Plaza
Option C: Brooklyn Banks

Correct Answer: B

Answers breakdown:
24 (7.9%) chose A
220 (72.4%) chose B
60 (19.7%) chose C

What is Quim's first trick?

Option A: Switch backside 180 wallie
Option B: Nosegrind to frontside tailslide
Option C: Bump to bar ollie

Correct Answer: C

Answers breakdown:
53 (17.8%) chose A
62 (20.9%) chose B
182 (61.3%) chose C

What was Rodrigo's last trick?

Option A: Backside big flip
Option B: Fakie ollie fakie 5-0 360 shuvs
Option C: Nollie big heel

Correct Answer: C

Answers breakdown:
53 (17.8%) chose A
74 (24.8%) chose B
171 (57.4%) chose C

What is the Organika and Expedition tour that starts on June 28th called?

Option A: Build a Nation
Option B: Battle for the Nation
Option C: Emancipation for the Nation

Correct Answer: B

Answers breakdown:
85 (28.4%) chose A
167 (55.9%) chose B
47 (15.7%) chose C

How long has Adelmo been growing the mop?

Option A: 5 years
Option B: 9 years
Option C: 3 years

Correct Answer: B

Answers breakdown:
64 (21.1%) chose A
222 (73%) chose B
18 (5.9%) chose C

How many kids does Karl Watson have?

Option A: 1
Option B: 2
Option C: 3

Correct Answer: C

Answers breakdown:
80 (26.3%) chose A
144 (47.4%) chose B
80 (26.3%) chose C


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