A Show, a Bar, a Club, and Heavy Chicken Wings Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Show, a Bar, a Club, and Heavy Chicken Wings

Posted on Wednesday, July 8, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

The Hold Steady, last year's Tampa Am band, just did a free show in tre-speedy Ybor City because they throw such Killer Parties. Thanks for the free show
I have not been much of a fan or regular of the Reservoir Bar lately. That's Shocker Elgin and Brittany mixing with the mullet rockers that fill this joint
It's Charlene's big 24 today. Happy Birthday. Kids half your age are now staring at you on the internet
Cruisers and bar tabs go together like drugs and rehab
Alright, it's been too long since The Castle has punished my liver. Look at that line. We're all going straight to the front like we belong in here
This is Allen, he owns the Castle. Thanks for the drinks!
That's Bobby Sotamayer, Castle DJ. Thanks for the jams!
America sure is heavy. Here's the scene at The Castle downstairs. Bummed I didn't get a balls photo with The Senator
On any random night in Ybor, you can get FSEC (Former SPoT Employee Club) sightings all night. Craig Kaths is a card carrying member
This FSEC member used to get a case of the Mondays in Innetech
The newest member of the FSEC is Ternell who works the Shop. We had a heavy chicken wings gathering for his last day. This is probably the heaviest Hooters in the chain here in Channelside
Scott is new to the Shop and Adam Kearley is back in Innetech with me taking product photos. Please don't join the FSEC
That's Wizard Smoke with Christa and Kelly who hold it down in the Shop. Stay away from the FSEC, please
Stand by the All Women sign when you're on the phone with your girlfriend the whole time
A small piece of Miami Jackson there died last week. Good luck in the FSEC, Ternell. Body, let's maybe get a non-food photo one of these days?
Furlong's mean muggin on my vert opinions
We had an entire heavy section in wingland
Here's a small sample of the heavy talent running Channelside Hooters
So much for that non-food photo, Body
Clem's repping the corn rows for Maloof this weekend. Porpe is Twatting for SPoT


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