Maloof Money Cup 2009 Practice and Course Construction Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Maloof Money Cup 2009 Practice and Course Construction

Posted on Friday, July 10, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Abdias was there the first day before the final touches, like grass, were put on the street course
David Loy is double fisting with the wrist injuries as usual
I spy my favorite vert skater. He's not the one wearing the Red Bull helmet. I guess they still do that in Brazil
Furlong was here trying to get used to the mini-mega rail. It shoots you right out of that tunnel there
This bank was finished yesterday. Apparently people thought it was too steep to hit the ledge, so they ripped up the concrete and reset the bank. Wow, what happens if you complain that there's too much OC mullet rock blaring out of the speakers on repeat all damn day? Nothing. Good thing DJ Wade is on the sounds today. Rumor has it Snoop Dog is doing a surprise show sometime over the weekend, too
More last minute changes. It's not as easy as laying down a sheet of Skatelite
This Commodore 64 looking document is the schedule for the weekend that the Maloof Staff made. There's a webcast on Saturday and Sunday at
They should take the Monster and etnies logos and put them together so it says "me me me me me" all over the place. Someone should start Me & Me Skateboards. Or, maybe even I & I. That's Derek Elmendorf on a kickflip front board
Somewhere in there is Joe Maloof dedicating the skate park and kicking things off for the weekend
Jeffrey Marshall is now doing grown man tricks
This filmer looks like he has a bomb wired to him
Neal Hendrix is on interview patrol. Mark Waters is on police patrol
Some photographers are too busy for photos
Sierra Fellers must have some kind of magnet that pulls the board back to his feet
Abdias has been repping the all black Tampa Kit for like 10 years now. I bet his closet looks like Batman's
Matt Milligan and Tom Curren, a bad influence on your liver
I guess this is the contraption you need when you're using a DSLR that films. I wonder what this dude's footage looks like
The Girl Family was rolling with Wade Speyer all day. Rick Howard needs some new Lakai's
I can't stop being star struck by Guy Mariano
The SPoTlight crew - Porpe, DJ Wade, Vern Laird, Ryan Clements, and Brian Schaefer with Matt Beach. That's real grip tape on that board


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