Arrival in Barcelona 2009 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Arrival in Barcelona 2009

Posted on Tuesday, July 21, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

On the way to Barcelona, we had a layover in Paris where we attempted to extend our layover by 24 hours so we could lurk with these apparent assholes for a day. It didn't work out so we're trying to do that on the way back to Amsterdam
This year's "Six Pack" through Europe is Kenny Hughes, Dylan Perry, Vern Laird, DJ Wade, Brian Schaefer, and me. For the next three days, we are making up our plans as we go. Hopefully we'll end up in Paris for a day after Schaefer and I sail over this bump to bar in a couple hours
We flew on one of those new new planes with the ashtrays in the arm rests. Yikes, what is this, 1970?
Too bad the windows on the plane don't roll down so I can throw this out the window before even opening it. Funky bread, cold pasta, mystery cake, and coffee with surprise sprinkles floating in it. No thanks
Before we got on the plane, I continued to witness the wacky styles of Holland girls. Here's yet another set of hot pink tights, this time with matching purse
Look at these Euro gangsters. We got Kanye East holding it down with uniform thug
Oh, no room for your kid? Stuff him in a backpack and make sure his arms are on lock. I don't know anything about kids. Is that normal? Looks like someone threw this baby up against a wall and that's how he stuck
Dylan came up on some Euros on the Rotterdam Contest. He then came down on the train ride and dice games with Kenny and I. Thanks for the schrapnel
We are now in Barcelona. No one cares if you skate through the airport
We roamed the streets for a bit looking for a cheap place to stay. Kenny Hughes and Vern know all the sketchy spots and continually warn us about thieves. Last night while I was in the lobby, some lady was telling the desk guy how she met a nice man here who spent an hour talking to her and showing her around. He then stole her purse. Another couple in the lobby sitting next to us from California was pick-pocketed just now and is waiting to use the computers here so they can email all of their credit card companies. They had just spent several hours in the police station where they met several other travelers in their situations. It's shady here, but other than that, Barcelona is a beautiful place
We finally settled on this hostel in the alleyway of the last photo. Three beds in one tiny room with no air conditioning and a window that doesn't lock. Sure looks pretty in the lobby, though
Our first meal was one of my top 10 Euro meals of all time so far. It's at this place called Romesco that Kenny took us to. Everything's about five Euros or less here and all the food gets my picky vote of approval. I might be here for every single meal I have in Spain. I am just finishing up work now and ready to head out to the bump to bar with everyone. Wish Schaefer and I luck and some non-rubbery legs


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