P-Rod Wear Test Weekend 2009 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

P-Rod Wear Test Weekend 2009

Posted on Sunday, July 26, 2009 by Ryan

Photos & Captions by Barak Wiser and Ryan Clements

While Rob and Brian were in Rotterdam, Barak and I spent the weekend in LA with our friends from Nike SB. Along with some serious skateboarding industry-takeover meetings, we got to check out the new P-Rod 3's, skate some great spots, and enjoy CA Hollywood/Nike SB-style with plenty of good food and drinks.

Right off the plane we were reminded that we were in Hollywood
This is the view from The Roosevelt down onto Hollywood Blvd. The crowd is gathered around Michael Jackson's star and the Chinese Theater
Dugan from 6.0 on the left and Kevin Imamura, Nike PR Man, on the right. This was right after we ate one of the worst dinners I've ever had
The next morning at breakfast we got to take a look at the Larry Perkins Dunk
We don't have any pictures of the bid'ness meetings that took place all day, but during those meetings the rest of the crew showed up and started drinking at the pool. That's Oliver Flores
The Roosevelt has some damn nice catering
Trying to keep it healthy while on the road. Rob would not eat this
That's Ben Kelly from TWS on the left and none other than Mr. James Craig on the right, who is now the buyer for Liberty
The picture is blurry, but hey, it's Mike Carroll and he likes to hang out at the pool at The Roosevelt
L to R is Shawn, Brad, and Shea hanging out uncomfortably close
Florida represent! Barak is on the left, former Tampa Bay resident Craig Chimile who now works at Podium is in the middle, and MIA Skateshop and Skatepark owner Chris Williams is on the right
That's Scotty from The Hundreds. Yep, he'll be at The Moat Show
L to R is Rob Sissi and Darin O'Brien from Nike SB...and dammit I forgot your name on the right, but I got your aloe shake next time you're in Ybor!
Oliver Flores wanted to pick me (Clem) up and Ben Kelly is getting super-hyped in the process
Dodger is wondering who's been drinking all of that alcohol
Big Nike Nick is double-fisting
When I got back to my hotel room on Friday night after dinner, these shoes were waiting for me. I'm not the biggest fan of white leather, but that plastic, embossed box is a keeper
The next morning I got up early and skated around. My first stop was Hollywood High, which was right behind our hotel. I went to the top and looked down to confirm that there is nothing easy about the 16
Kermit the Frog was a big part of my childhood
It's hard to believe that Jim Morrison died when he was 27. That means that I've been alive for nearly 10 years longer than he was and there is still so much I want to do
What can you say about Michael that hasn't already been said?
A couple hours later during breakfast we got a tutorial on the P-Rod 3 and schooled on the inspiration behind it
Then we got to test the shoes at P-Rod's favorite spots. That's Dodge on a bs 50-50 at one of the many perfect ledges at the P-Rod Street Plaza
L to R is Paul G., the man that makes things happen at FUEL, Hunter from Nike SB, and none other than Torey Pudwill
I can't remember what spot that these stairs are designed after, but Shane "Nugget" O'Neil is either doing a 360 flip or 360 shove-it. I couldn't tell from looking through my littler, buster-cam
That's Chris Williams bs lipping up that super-fun, unique obstacle at the top of the Plaza
P-Rod and Theotis Beasley showed up to demonstrate how it's done. Every time I see either of these guys I'm so highly impressed with their professionalism
This part of the P-Rod Street Plaza is somewhat of a copy of that ditch spot you always see footage of. Part of it is banked and part of it is tranny, making a great combo
Josh Brooks from one of those ESP-something websites with a poll jammer at the bottom of the Plaza
The next stop was P-Rod's private TF, located in "The Valley," which means nothing to me since I had no idea where I was anyway. Sorry there are no photos of the TF, but I was busy skating and socializing


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