DVS TF in LA Article at Skatepark of Tampa


Posted on Friday, July 31, 2009 by Rob

That's Cullen Poythress, DVS marketing guy. When you're in marketing, that means you're usually the guy who controls wristbands to the party and has the best skateboard company bar tabs going. That's a frontside disaster Cullen's guiding back in on this weird double bank ramp
We just met Dylan who was in there skating with us. He was kickflipping out of these back smiths
It's a pretty tight space but they really packed in a lot of fun stuff, including a mini-ramp back there in the corner behind all this
Recognize this thing from the Matix commercial? Blunt fakie is the new meron grab. I'm turning it into an old guy trick
You know what the blunt nose grab of rock and rolls is? Doing them not like Ryan Clements is here with your board all the way up on the deck. Don't do that half teeter totter thing. They got pool coping in here? Wow, too bad they didn't have water, girls in bikini's, a bbq, beers, and all the other missing ingredients
Cullen, thanks for the session at your TF. See you at the extremist fest this weekend


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