Moat Show Setup 2009 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Moat Show Setup 2009

Posted on Tuesday, August 18, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

While we're all cooped up in Innetech packing boxes from the sale last weekend, right outside the door a mini-ramp is being built. Check that 1991 nose stall

Schaefer, Frosty, and Bowly are getting the Moat bridge set up with that donkey rope

That's about half of the brew that's going to grease the wheels of the sketchy skateboard industry for the next two days

Totally tubular, bro, like, you can surf between the pylons in between heelflip indys

That's our drawbridge. I spy a sketchy hotel family

This is probably Chief Moat Show organizer Barak Wiser's last moment of having an actual minute to skate this week. Things get going at 9am this Tuesday morning

Stalker Steve is the new Captain Corporate. More on that later. Right now he's sitting at my desk and drinking my coffee. Welcome to Innetech, fellow skateboard nerd

Stalker Steve stalks skateboard stunts with his camera. We should put coping right there so we can call Body's move on this extension a "side pipe"

Stalker Steve is hot on the heels of my job and keeping me on my toes. That's Jacob Krajewski on a back disaster. See you at The Moat Show today

I stole this photo from Tim Kulas' Facebook page. These dudes built the mini-ramp and camped outside the Park by Interstate 4 last night. Good morning!


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