Meronek's View of The Moat Show September 2009 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Meronek's View of The Moat Show September 2009

Posted on Thursday, August 20, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Is that a bathing suit under those acid wash jeans? Welcome to Florida

Ryan Nix is currently living in Orlando. Thanks for stopping by

I'm still trying to get used to Habitat shoes

Since it's open to the public, you could get the breakdown on all the latest gear coming out in the next year whether you're a shop owner or a kid new to skateboarding. This kid got a full education on wood at the Element booth

Ryan Dewitt manned the Element booth by day and the Reservoir Bar by night

Lakais for miles

That's the Jeron Wilson X Diamond shoe at the DVS booth

Everyone's hyped on the new Mikemo shoe coming out later this year

Everyone was also hyped that Mikemo was hanging out at the Show all weekend

Reda has a Wednesday's shoe coming out on DVS soon

Adio, thanks for sweating it out with us

When Pete Kelly wasn't invading the Best Trick Contest, he was at the Dekline booth breaking down the new line to shops and kids

Looks like you'll find the new Fallens at Gator Board Shop later this year. That's Frank Branca looking over what to stock

We all do several different jobs here. Adam Kearley took a break from shooting product photos for the site and manned the grill for the Show. Scrambled eggs and sausage from the grill for breakfast was amazing

At the Atomic booth, people were getting inked up for two straight days

Companies were hooking it up serious for kids at the Show

DC did a shoe with Sabotoge

Osiris is bringing all colors of the spectrum to their new line

Adrian Lopez was here repping his company, Loser Machine

If I ever need a helmet for something, it will be one of these

The mid is a very popular shoe for all companies. Here's one of Circa's versions

I spy Eric Koston's Dunk colorway

Kris Markovich decorating some helmets at the Ergo booth

Vox and Creature go hand in hand

Theeve is a new truck company that launched at The Moat Show. It's amazing how much lighter you can tell these trucks are just by holding them. They're titanium so they're going to be expensive. When you look underneath, you'll see there's no axel going through. The entire hangar is one piece of metal grinded down to that shape

etnies has a vulc version of the Sal 23 coming out

Jose Rojo, brown n' down

Mids and chillers are in everyone's lines. Emerica is making some good ones

Globe is going the sky highway

While all this is going on, there's an all day sweat session on the Goat mini-ramp in back

After being at the Show all day, you're probably drunk when you arrive at Reservoir Bar. Good thing there's free Berentzen being given out by this girl to keep you under the influence

While out at Reservoir, the biggest un-fan of my website ramblings, Todd, was at the bar. I was wondering why he's not down with my vert jabs and commentary about how shorts can ruin skateboard careers. Then I look down and see he's got black socks and shorts along with some funny marks on his shoes. So that's it. Must be some weird ass ollies putting marks on his shoes like that. Anyway, instead of punching me in the face, Todd bought me a beer. Thanks, my fellow hater

Speaking of shoes, let's pause for a foot fetish. No one here has Todd's funny ollie marks on their shoe. We must not be riding our skateboards properly

Jovan is about to go from airport security to air traffic controller at Tampa International Airport. Don't talk to your girlfriend on the phone while guiding our flights in, please

Wow, they let the redneck out of Ruskin

Trade Show Barak in his own hometown

It was not a regular Tuesday night at Reservoir Bar

Dan Pensyl, thanks for coming to our bid'niss shindig

Someone should bring a tennis racket to whack the Spalding chick in the head with

Tommie Zam from the Finest Skate Shop was bid'niss by day and pleasure by night

Chris Pastras, Tosh Townend, and Slash - thanks for coming to The Moat Show

We're back at the Park now and it's time to finish off those 100 cases of free Asahi beer. Red Bull and Gatorade corporate are not going to approve of this

Sierra and Kevin Sullivan have just formally met. They might make a good couple but word on the street is she likes them BMX types

Schaefer with The West Coast Schaefer aka Tim Gavin

Welcome to the dark side, Drinker Sarah. She's new to the sauce and could be starting a Party Team of her own any day now

I wonder how many of these SPoT tattoos are out there? I think I've seen at least 100 or so

Andy James has a SPoT tattoo. Maybe we should start a special section of the site for this

I spy Stalker Steve. He's holding a pole up but at least he's still working

It's time for the Moat Show Throwdown Best Trick Contest. Ryan Dodge, Ryan Dewitt, and Gabe Clement are your judges on the sauce

Josiah Gatlyn - frontside half cab flip over the hip

Street Pete Kelley

A Felipe Gustavo impersonator frontside flipping the pyramid

Torey Pudwill killed it in the Contest with this feeble front board shuv it out

Sierra and Torey's girl - thanks for hooking up the Gucci Mane per Clem request. Thanks everyone for coming to The Moat Show. Dates for the next one in January will be announced soon

Joe Pelham and Steve Buggica footage:


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