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Street Stalk: Downtown Tampa

Posted on Friday, October 2, 2009 by Rob

By Stalker Steve

Brandon wanted to go down to Fishhawk, a rich suburb of Tampa, to skate some skate-stopped ledges. I didn't argue and came away with a solid photo
On a trip around Florida, we stopped at the Orange County Convention Center, home of Surf Expo, and Brandon got tech on one of the nice spots in touristy Orlando
Behind the old USS Skate Shop there's a crazy, not quite quarterpipe, not quite bank spot. Brandon Knowles laid down a blunt 270 on it
Jereme Knibbs wanted to push around Channelside Tampa, a nice neighborhood in downtown Tampa, to see what we could come up on. We ended up at a quick foot manny spot where he got this back 180 fakie manny
In the cuts of Kissimmee, Florida, John Reece spotted this bank. He frontside flipped it with a quickness
On an afternoon pushing through Channelside, I convinced Jereme Knibbs to let me shoot a photo of him doing some wallrides on the Florida Aquarium's field of jersey barriers


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