Mendenhall Skatepark Party Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Mendenhall Skatepark Party

Posted on Monday, October 5, 2009 by Porpe

By Stalker Steve

Mendenhall Elementary is a nearby school where a few of our team riders and employees attended kindergarten through fifth grade. We had the opportunity to visit them and explain the components of a skateboard and invite the kids to Skatepark that evening to learn a little more about skateboarding. We had a fun time with the kids, seeing them produce their morning announcements and having them enjoy the Park later that day.

Hope to see you kids and parents again soon.

We started the day with some TV time, by which I mean we were on the Mendenhall Elementary morning announcements

I think charts like this are how Porpe learned to speak English

Porpe and I explained the basic components of a skateboard for the kids at Mendenhall

On the way out of Mendenhall I saw this great photo of my favorite author Kurt Vonnegut, so I had to get a photo. All of his books are amazing, go pick one up

We skated out of the school and, to my surprise, were asked to stop

We had the kids from Mendenhall at the Park that evening to learn more about skating. Porpe taught them pumping and pushing

Eventually the kids skated on their own

Porpe explaining balance to the kids in a karate stance of some sort. I don't know what it's called, but Rob might though

This kid was having a blast cruising around. Stick with it, kid, it only gets more fun

The kids got the hang of pumping about after a while like this girl here

Some of the kids preferred to skate without a board and slide down the ramp

Some kids regressed back to butt boarding after a while

This kid was rolling down in the butt board style, too


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