Street Stalk and Party Time Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Street Stalk and Party Time

Posted on Thursday, October 15, 2009 by Stalker

By Stalker Steve

Fred Tan came out from Orlando to skate a couple of spots around my neighborhood. We ended up at this bump to ledge and he came up on a front tailslide to fakie

Ian Gow is feeling this spot. I'm feeling this back blunt pop out

John "Tall Tee" Reece lives in Wauchula, Florida. I don't know where that is. I don't think anyone does. It's basically the sticks of Florida. He got out of Deliverance and got into this 180 switch manual in Orlando

Brandon Knowles has been really down for ghetto banks lately. We've been there twice this week - front tailslide

John "Tall Tee" Reece is down for ghetto banks, but I think he's just down for not being in Wauchula - switch crooks

Before reading these captions I need to tell you what "Purple Jesus" is. It's a concoction of vodka and grape Kool-Aid Matt Dockery, an OG Lakeland skater, invented. Matt Dockery has Matt Giles sponsor me tape. Hit him up to see it sometime

Chris Jata was running a pimp cup all night

Alex Bowers and his music buddies

The Gator Board Shop crew was there

Alex Bowers, after drinking one too many rounds of Purple Jesus

Alex Bowers and his music buddy, hanging out with Purple Jesus

Yonis Molina was all about the Purple Jesus

Alex Bowers, with his main homie Purple Jesus


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