White Trash Weekend Article at Skatepark of Tampa

White Trash Weekend

Posted on Tuesday, October 20, 2009 by Ryan

Words by Ryan Clements
Photos by Ryan Clements and Jenna

When you're used to traveling all of the time, it's tough to say no to a trip regardless of how road-weary you might be. When I finally had a weekend home in Tampa I thought, "Great, I'll relax, do stuff around the house, hang out in Ybor, and skate the Park." Well, that was until I found out about Biketoberfest that was going on over in Daytona Beach a few hours away. I rallied the few other motorcycle riders that I know and planned a trip...

Gearing up in the alley behind my house in Ybor to get down on the road for a few hours

It was a bit chilly on the way up, but once we got to Daytona it was a beautiful fall Florida day without any rain in sight

We parked off of Main Street and started checking out the bikes. Homemade trikes are badass. Check that keg for a gas tank

These signs are at pretty much every bar

When they don't offer Natty Light in a can, I go for the Bud Light in a bottle

This chick looked good through my camera when I was shooting the pic, but I purposely chose this shot because it DIDN'T show her face. She's as old as your mom!

Rear view

This kind of stuff is going on up and down the main strip at all times. I'm not complaining

We left Main Street and headed a few miles north. This is the scene at every single stoplight...bikes backed up literally everywhere. Left to right: Justin, Holly, and Michael on the bike that looks like some sort of spaceship. Justin said, "Your friend is pretty cool. We just need to get him on a Harley."

Iron Horse was the next stop. This dump of a bar goes completely nuts during these events. David Allen Coe was performing later that night

On the way out of Iron Horse we ran into this

And she was walking with this...oh man

You can only sit at the Iron Horse for so long, so we met up with some friends to go for a ride around the Daytona area. That's Brian from The Ride Factory throwing up the horns

I'm always thinking economically and for practical purposes

As the sun went down we watched wet t-shirt contests at Dirty Harry's back on Main Street. Thankfully this broad did not enter

The next morning on the way out of town we stopped at the infamous Cabbage Patch, which is an OG biker bar in the middle of nowhere

Out back of the Cabbage Patch they had all kinds of vendors selling stuff. I've been looking for one of these and finally found it. My friends Vern Laird and Kenny Hughes wanted me to pick one up for them, too, but there was only one available

Jenna and I said our goodbyes to Michael, Justin, and Holly and booked it straight to Orlando to catch the Vert Finals of the Dew Tour. Check Furly on that Madonna

I sat next to Juergen Horrwarth, our friend from Germany. Everyone is a skateboard critic

Chad Kagy's kid gives you the horns and puts an end to a fun, work-free weekend


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