Camp Kids and the Harvest Jam 2009 Presented by Expedition Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Camp Kids and the Harvest Jam 2009 Presented by Expedition

Posted on Monday, November 16, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

After all these years, this is the first time I've ever seen The Moat turtle
The Moat turtle thinks he can hide under can of Busch. That's probably his beer can. This turtle is what inspired Todd Bratrud's Skatepark of Tampa Party Team logo and The Moat Dunk
I have been logging lots of overtime on the keyboard and not enough on the skateboard lately, so when the Skate Camp kids and Wizard Smoke barged my office, I had to hang out with them for a bit
Now they're raising the roof in Schaefer's office
First order of business at Skate Camp is a Frontside Grind Magazine cover shot for Wizard Smoke
You can learn Gonz ollies in Skate Camp
You can learn the hot new moves, too
Justin's new to the crail grab. He'll have it on lock by next time
All little kids know the varial flip. No need to teach that one. Justin's got it
Alejandro is my favorite kid in the Park these days. I think Porpe might have put him up to this pop shuv-it tail grab thing, though
When you're a grown up and you're in the air with your back foot looking like that, you know you need to instantly abort mission. Not these kids. Seconds later this landing resulted in a baby scorpion all the way down the bank continuing into the concrete. Why can't we all just go for it in skateboarding like that?
I have taken many thousands of what seems like all the same photos in the Park over the years, so I'm trying to make them look different. How about a motion blurry backside flip deck check?
The backside flip is a popular move in the tyke divisions. This is Blaine Partridge from the 9 to 12 Division where I pretty much took all my photos. Old guy session coming up another day
Body also picks Hottest Mom of the Contest from this lineup. Guess which one he chose?
Hottest Mom of the Contest was this Georgia peach
That's Favian Rubio hardflipping his way to 1st place in the 16 and Up Division
Who Dat? Stand up stiff feeble grind
Thanks to the Expedition team for hanging out on Saturday. Since they're all over age 11, I didn't shoot any photos of them
Patrick Fischbach has the new varial flip - nollie bigspin
Funny looking kickflips, not funny as in haha. They'll grow out of it
If it's not a deck check, I ain't shooting it - frontside 180
Who Dat? I don't know, but this kid is way too old to be in front of my lens
Lachlan Johnson - baby feeble grind
Justin Atchley used to be in my tyke photography club, but he's grown a foot or two since then. You can tell he's old as hell now since he's all about the meron grabs
Bring your cheering section to the next Contest
Right after Shane Farber deck checked this ollie, he went to the quarter pipe and did a backside blunt nosegrab with one foot flair added
Robbie Kirkland got butt cheeks on his face cheeks
Steve Lenardi - nollie backside 180
The 360 shuv it is also a popular move these days. That one looks good when done frontside
Harlan Smith is increasing the average age of kids in my photos
Kevin Sikes just skated his first Damn Am back in October - frontside feeble
We will be seeing Caio Notaro in Tampa Am next month
Let's go back to little kids - that's Steve Leonardo backside flipping
Who Dat? Switch frontside 180, I think
Who Dat? I don't know, but he nollied into this feeble grind
RayRay got the Best Customer in the Shop Award along with a repeat Most Improved Award
Timmy Knuth is retired from our All Ages Contests so he wasn't in it this time. That's a frontside bluntslide
Josiah Portillo almost got a Take a Poop on this big flip. A good clean roll away kept the crapper away
One last tyke photo. See you kiddies at the next one. Thanks for coming to our Contest


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