Tampa Am 2009 Saturday/Sunday Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2009 Saturday/Sunday Photos

Posted on Wednesday, December 9, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

This is CJ Kelly, Bong Gause, and Ethan Clothier, who found a nice hat in the parking lot. Two thirds of these tykes were put in the Contest by their sponsors.
These teenie boppers who were watching the Contest next to us are all about David Loy. The one in the jungle print quickly removed a retainer before this photo was snapped. You never know when David Loy might be watching.
Clem and I are at the Dango is Dead Premiere now where we ran into Ed Selego.
Body has to get some alternate use out of his "going to court" outfit.
As long as it doesn't do any business, it can't go out of business. Shaqueefa for life. The Dango Premiere was packed.
There's a bunch of coverage of Tampa Am from this guy over at RobBrink.com.
The Dango is Dead Premiere filled every seat in the theater and every stair in the aisles. After a bunch more people crowded into the hallway, the theater staff had to cut off anymore people getting in. Get here early next time.
We first met TJ Rogers through doing Damn Am in Canada and now he's in Tampa Am ripping and making the cut. See you in Canada, TJ.
DJ Wade, Brian Schaefer, and P-Stone provide plenty of entertainment up at the front.
Cory Kennedy tried the hardest tricks in his run just like he does out the gates in a game of SKATE.
The free ink was flowing all day as usual at the Atomic Tattoos booth.
Random girls, meet random dudes. I asked them for a photo and turns out they all just met. Thanks for coming to Tampa Am.
Because of what the Fire Marshall made us do to the railing, most people have to watch the entire Contest standing up.
Adam Kearley takes all the product photos for the site back here in Innetech. He manned the grill all weekend at Tampa Am.
Colin Clark filmed during the live HD webcast.
It was a pleasure having Paul Zitzer back on our judging staff. It was also a pleasure seeing that we both have "funny looking" kickflips. It happens when your age starts with a 3. "Funny looking" of course being the polite way to say gross.
I would guess Neal Hendrix has funny looking kickflips. That could be why he prefers the heelflip. Active Erica has funny looking kickflips, but she's a girl so it's pretty much normal. Neal and Erica were your hosts on the Fuel TV live webcast.
People are getting plenty of SPoT tattoos, but we still haven't seen one on someone's face.
The Captain Corporate types in the grown up bid'niss and marketing world call this "cult branding."
Evan Smith meant this wallie to be into a switch front crook but the accidental backside tailslide looks just as good.
Evan Smith - wallie frontside crooked grind backside bigspin out. This was one of the hardest things that went down on Sunday.
This dude was claiming he was Nick Merlino's roommate and trying to drop his name to get into Tampa Am.
Cameo Wilson got really good since the last time we saw him. Check that primo catch and save on this 360 flip.
Do your nollies look like Luan Oliveira's?
Luan Oliveira - nollie more than half cab flip.
Ishod Wair didn't have any sponsors last year. He's got plenty now.
Nick Tucker - fakie 360 flip.
Luis Tolentino got the Gatorade Labor of Love award for all kinds of shredding all weekend, not just matching the world record high ollie.
We first met Youness Amrani at AmsterDamn Am back in 2007. His improvement since then has been incredible and this weekend he really left an impression on people. Check this switch inward heel with full Euro stanky leg roll away.
Youness Amrani - switch frontside 360.
Mark Suciu (pronounced "sue chew") was the flow kid of the weekend. After qualifying first on Friday and making everyone in the building go "Who dat?," he then ended up in 9th in the Finals.
Look at that front foot on this nollie backside flip. He's got it tucked and ready for this board to levitate right up to it.
Paul Hart also made an impression on everyone this weekend by making the cut to Sunday.
Magnus Hanson got second at Damn Am Canada this year so he was already in the Semi-Finals on Sunday without having to skate against 220 other people on Saturday or Friday.
TJ Rogers - switch big heel.
I was a little quick on the shutter for Luis Tolentino's ollie up the stairs. This is how he started his run.
Nick Merlino - fakie 360 flip.
Derek Elmendorf - backside flip 360.
I was stuck entering scores and being in a judges' meeting so I didn't make it out in time for the Moat Race. By the time I got out there, all that was left was some bum snorting cans of Red Bull Cola and hyped dudes taking photos with him.
At 4pm, free sauce flows to those of age.
Maybe he can get laces done on the top of the other foot.
Tattoos are free, but covering up mistakes from prior years at Tampa Am like that heartagram are not.
Adrien Bulard got second in AmsterDamn Am so he was already in the Semi-Finals at Tampa Am. You can't see it here, but he's got the lazy leg on 360 flips for sure.
Ben Hatchell almost did a nollie backside flip out of this backside noseblunt from the quarter onto the upper deck. The place blew up. He never ended up making it, though. Later that night, he was enjoying free ham and cheese sandwiches.
One of these days I will have to swipe one of these Dean Guitars that are always in the prize packs.
The Awards.
Misha Cracker got granite to the shin during the Best Trick Contest.
Luis Tolentino got the Gatorade Labor of Love Award.
Ben Hatchell could have used that Zumiez Destroyer bar cutter saw thing on Monday morning.
Luan wins two years in a row after winning Damn Am Costa Mesa in October.
There's a product toss after the Awards.
Thank you all for coming. See you at Tampa Pro.


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