After Hours at SPoT Article at Skatepark of Tampa

After Hours at SPoT

Posted on Thursday, December 10, 2009 by Stalker

By Stalker Steve

Skating after hours with our co-workers and friends is something that happens on a pretty regular basis at the Park. It's one of the nice perks of working here, especially in the busy season when it's packed all day. Don't get me wrong, thanks for coming to skate, but the only thing I like to see more than a full Park when I get to work is an empty Park when I get off of work. Here's some assorted photos from a few different after hours sessions at the Park.

The quarterpipe by the bank to wall is one of the best additions to the new course. Dylan takes advantage of the new ramp in between spraying up sheets of DMFG.
On Thanksgiving night some people got together to skate off some turkey. Dustin Eggling, nollie heelflip 50-50.
Once in a while Porpe will claim a trick he wants to do. On the way to Houston for the Johnny Romano Skate Jam he did it a few times, and took more than a few tries to land the trick. With this nollie crooks I thought I was in for a long night, but he managed to get it pretty quickly.
Porpe wanted to get somewhat artsy with a frontside noseslide photo on the ledge. He turned off half the lights on the course. Artist'e Porpus, frontside noseslide.
This is another Thanksgiving photo. Yonnie Cruz, backside tailslide.
Another trick I thought Porpe would take forever to do that he pulled pretty quickly. Front board.
Dustin Eggling - three flip after turkey and gravy.
Dustin Eggling - hardflip.
Dustin Eggling - back lip.
Yonnie Cruz's backside flip was probably the sickest thing to go down on the Thanksgiving session. See Yonnie and all the other Westside Skateshop heads in The Dango Is Dead.


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