Stalking the Tampa Am Awards Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Stalking the Tampa Am Awards

Posted on Tuesday, December 15, 2009 by Stalker

By Stalker Steve

Thanks to Dean Guitars for kicking down some great prizes.
Luis Tolentino won the Gatorade Labor of Love award for being that guy that makes you feel good to be a skateboarder all weekend, not to mention his 44.5" ollie.
Ben Hatchell got the Zumiez Destroyer Award in addition to 2nd place.
Dan Plunkett made a brief appearance on the podium to grab his 2nd place in Best Trick award.
Matt Berger won Best Trick, thus adding to his Dean Guitar collection that he started at Damn Am Canada.
Kevin Romar came in 12th.
Mark Suciu came in 9th.
Shawn Hale came in 8th.
Oi! Clint Walker came in 10th.
Ron Deily came in 7th.
Felipe Gustavo came in 6th.
Chris Mendes came in 5th.
Jack Olson came in 4th.
Top three left to right: Luan, Ben, and Nick.
Nick Tucker won 3rd.
Jason Rothmeyer topping off the top three with their hats.
Ben Hatchell was hyped on 2nd.
Luan Oliveira won...again, making him the only skater to ever win Tampa Am twice.
Product toss madness.
Big Al and Sarge.
Thanks to Nick Halkias and Hunter Muraira from Nike SB.
Ryan Dewitt from Element is always in town for the Contests. Thanks for the loyalty.
Ian Deacon is the man behind Flip. Thank you for showing up and always supporting SPoT.
Jamie Prescott from Skull Candy was here. Thanks for coming out.
Shout out to Gatorade for your support of the Contest.


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