ASR January 2010 Lurk Out Article at Skatepark of Tampa

ASR January 2010 Lurk Out

Posted on Wednesday, February 3, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Porpe and I got into town late last night and found Alex Bowers in the hotel lobby. He recently flew the Innetech coop and planted it in San Francisco.

There was nothing to do last night except drink and get loud in the lobby. Justin Ryan is coming straight out of Innetech to buy some skateboard gear for our Shop.

Porpe joined me for breakfast with his Damn Am Awards recruiters - Shira and Chloe. It's not like you need to be recruited - there's free booze, a mini-ramp, homies, high fives, good times, and recognition of our favorite people from all of the Damn Ams through 2009. See you there at the Tum Yeto headquarters in downtown San Diego tonight at 7pm. It's at 2001 Commercial Street.

So I'm on full lurk mode at ASR now where I've discovered DJ Wade has done gone computerized with the vinyl.

It doesn't get any more bid'niss than this - Jamey Stone from Transworld, Ryan Kingman from Element, Brian Schaefer from around the world, and Scott Koerner from Dakine.

Meanwhile, Porpe is on the street lurk with the Damn Am Babies.

Damien from Southshore is having the haircut equivalent of getting a Ferrari in a midlife crisis.

This is across the street at CrossRoads. Paul Flores is already ripping before noon. The editor of Frontside Grind Magazine is hyped on the first Mexican on the cover.

This is my desk for today. It's a little more live than Innetech.

There's all kinds of things on the course at Crossroads. Jordan Trahan who we first met at DC King of Chicago last year is here spinning bigspin back tails. Click to enlarge.

Two photos in a row of Paul Flores with a shirt on? Wow, he's bucking the trend. Click to enlarge.

Porpe is taking a Damn Am Awards recruiting break with the Damn Am Babies. The editor of Frontside Grind Magazine needs more time to make this sequence into a cover. Maybe later. Click to enlarge.

Oh, and there's also this thing at CrossRoads. Wear a cup and I'll see you on this thing later.


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