SPoT Demo At UCF Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Demo At UCF

Posted on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 by Rob

By Stalker Steve
Footage by Joe Pelham

One of my favorite jokes about College is a joke about a sex survey for students:

A professor, teaching a college sexuality class, was discussing the frequency of sex that could still be considered normal. "Many people find that sex every other week is sufficient frequency to satisfy, and that's fine. Yet others want to make love nightly, and there's nothing wrong with that either. Let's take an informal survey of this class. Don't be embarrassed. Please answer honestly. How many people here make love more than twice a week?"

A few hands shot up.

"Twice a week?"

A few more hands.

"Weekly, on average?"

Many hands.

"Once every two weeks?" he continued and, "Once a month?" and "Once every several months?" and finally, "Once a year?"

At this last category, one hand shot up, waving most eagerly. "Pardon my curiosity," the professor asked, "But if you only make love once a year, why are you so excited over it?"

Replied the student, "Tonight's the night!"

With that, we were off to University of Central Florida to skate Tim Kulas' Goat Ramp in a field while bands played. It was for an organization called Green Wave, who, from their website, seem pretty into planting trees. They put on this event. They also put on a song writing contest about Mother Earth. Let's talk about the bands. Most of the bands (besides Boxes, who weren't bad) were pretty "bro" already, so I can only imagine the excitement they faced when they got to write a song about sustainable energy, the earth, and trees. "It's all about like, sustaining energy with sustainable energy!" One band front-man called out, shortly after wrapping up a cover of Sublime's "Santeria" and as he launched into his ode to the earth. All joking aside, please turn off unnecessary lights. I don't want my future kids to have to deal with a supposed post-apocalyptic world of inconvenient truths.

We arrived at the site to see that Tim and his boys had about 30 more minutes of set up time, so we pushed around UCF to see about finding something to skate. We rolled up on two yellow Jersey barriers and Dylan came away with two photos. We returned to the event area and skated the Goat Ramp for a while. I managed to shoot some photos of the Team and a few Orlando/east coast of Florida locs like ramp owner Tim Kulas, OG O-town ripper Mike Rosa, and a UCF loc named Max, who battled over a fakie flip on the vert extension of the Goat Ramp all afternoon and pulled it at dusk light.

I went to college at Daytona State, in, duh, Daytona Beach, Florida. As I saw the throngs of jaw dropping babes strutting around the UCF campus, I realized taking my classes on the coast instead of in Orlando was probably the worst mistake of my late teens. One member of our crew looked to Porpe to say, "I think I just fell in love with her," as a babe walked past. That being said, UCF, Green Wave, Goat Ramp, and anyone else who put on the event, I'm 100% down to come back to UCF and skate or shoot photos anytime.

As evening came on we decided it was time to break out and come back to Tampa for the Street Dreams screening and call it a day, or call it a night and go to Ybor, either/or.

Thanks to Green Wave, UCF, and Tim Kulas and the Goat Ramp crew for setting up the ramp.

We skated around the campus and came upon this barrier spot after a few minutes of absent minded pushing. Dylan set his eyes on a wallie and whipped over it within a couple tries.

Dylan pulled out a skate park staple on the streets. Spine transfer over a harsh Jersey barrier.

Dylan Perry - nosestall frontside revert, or the "Scotty Conley Special."

Ben Warren is Goat's photographer and an Orlando loc. Frontside grind with grab. I should've shot this fisheye from the deck and sent it to Rob for the Frontside Grind Mag cover.

The old reliable. Porpe - frontside grind.

Dylan was boosting these big backside ollies all day.

Dylan got the cover of Frontside Ollie Magazine.

These fine ebony babes were strutting around promoting something. Too bad Scotty wasn't there to put them on the Shaqueefa Street Team.

Tim Kulas built it and he can rip it. Ollie up to disaster.

Jereme Knibbs didn't skate a lot, but when he did it was good. Tuck knee frontside air.

The double pack special. Knibbs has this on the Goat Ramp every try.

Jacob Krajewski pops a big fakie ollie on the extension.

Porpe got this back tail.

Some BMX buddies showed up later and one was going for it on a McTwist of some sort.

When the session moved to the smaller extension, Dylan Perry moved to a blunt fakie.

Tim Kulas - ollie up to frontside 5-0.

All the UCF students and random lurkers at the ramp.

OG O-town ripper, Mike Rosa, came out to skate and sailed this frontside air transfer.

Jacob Krajewski had a unique trick for the ramp. Roll up onto the extension's deck, bean plant off it into the ramp.

Dylan saw green screen man and got a photo. No surprise, he was out promoting a music website.

One of the stages had some pretty bro-ey music going on.

Punx in college.

Porpe and I are down for legalizing the sweet leaf. Let's do that, US Government.

The other stage had some harder music going and the guitarist had a clap going with the crowd.


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