Chinese Chill Cam Dump Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Chinese Chill Cam Dump

Posted on Tuesday, May 18, 2010 by Rob

Photos by Rob Meronek and Brittany DeCarolis
Captions by Rob Meronek

Underwater skate spots?
This is a women's public bathroom. Squat with your girlfriends and hope your gear doesn't touch the ground.
No blowing your car up, trucks carrying three boxes, or trumpets. Got it.
I wonder what kind of sauce comes with the sheep penis.
A local friend of ours took us to dinner at this colorful hotel.
This dive bar had an American blues band playing. They are not down for the drugs.
The have some interesting shots available here.
Outside the dive bar, we got to see a legit street fight between some Hatians.
This was breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily.
Some t-shirts at the local tourist trap.
Does it taste better with the head on feet still on?
We ran into this almost skateable Olympic statue. Clements and I posed some Olympic gold back noseblunts on it.
Joe Krolick is checking a spot. No one with us at the time was touching that.
More from the streets of Beijing.
More from the streets of Beijing - dinner on the sidewalk.
They water everything by hand here. I like this guy's piss stance with the hose.
The children have pants that are wide open in the back so they can just squat and dump at a moment's notice anywhere, anytime.
We're now at the Forbidden City where Sheckler is kickflipping on some bridge that I'm sure has some amazing history to it.
Skater Profile: Ryan Sheckler
The size and details in the construction here are amazing.
Everyone's trying to sell stuff to tourists.
This is about half the crew we were rolling with while on the tourist mission.
These round dudes are plumping up for a big weight loss challenge. More on that later.
Skater Profile: Chris Ortiz
We got to go on a tour of the Olympic stadium with Shawn Johnson who won gold here in 2008.
The Woodward staff and Shawn Johnson.
In McDonald's, they have some sketchy purple filled thing. Other than that, it's a good refuge when you're over it on rice and noodles.
In the Silk Market you can get all kinds of knock off stuff from shoes to purses and watches. I went straight to the electronics and got a fakie iPhone, plus messed around with their fake iPad. It runs the Google Android operating system with the same horrible touch screen as the fake iPhone. It also takes about three minutes to start up.
Andrew Cannon's choice of Silk Market gear.
Skater Profile: Andrew Cannon
Zach Miller reluctantly dives into something put down in front of us in a local restaurant.
Skater Profile: Zach Miller
This is a workstation in a small factory that makes vases.
This guy's job is to polish the vases all day. Next door is a store where all this stuff can be purchased.
A crazy mad Chinaman at the entrance to the Great Wall.
The crew at the Great Wall entrance. It was thick.
I never found the uncivilized sightseeing. That sounds like more fun.
I'm poaching a photo of the Hawk family posing in front of the Wall.
That's David Loy up there well past where they allow tourists to go.
Skater Profile: David Loy
Ryan Decenzo is haggling over the price of a beer right now. These people selling stuff are all along the Wall.
Skater Profile: Ryan Decenzo
These shady dudes nearly rob you after the photo when they force you to give them money for it.
Skater Profile: Ryan Decenzo
Jaws is getting took on negotiation for fruit.
Skater Profile: Aaron Homoki aka Jaws
Peter from Red Bull hopped some barb wire fence to hang out with this ass. I would not want to be any kind of animal in China.
Skater Profile: Pete Jasienski
Two tour buses full of dudes traveling for a couple hours is going to have to stop for a piss break at some point. Our drivers were nice enough to pull over at random spots on the highway so everyone could just run into the woods.
90 people for dinner at a Japanese tepan place was pretty crazy. This was one of the best meals I've ever had. It was a nice break from the rice and noodles.
This was at my plate when I sat down. What do you think that is?
David Loy and Ryan Sheckler are all about the chopsticks. I'm not down for those, even in China.
Skater Profile: Ryan Sheckler
Colin Clark and our Heineken delivery service.
Gary Ream is the chief at Woodward. Thanks so much for the amazing trip.
Skater Profile: Ryan Sheckler
This reminds me of the mud butt fountain at Curtis Hixon.
The Apple store in Beijing was packed.
Scrabble on the iPad helped pass the time on long bus rides. It was the front of the bus vs. the back of the bus.
At night, the street plaza is lit up like something out of Vegas.


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