School's Out Jam 2010 Presented by KR3W Article at Skatepark of Tampa

School's Out Jam 2010 Presented by KR3W

Posted on Friday, June 25, 2010 by Stalker

By Stalker Steve

Another sweltering June in Tampa, another School's Out Jam. The only difference this year is that Ryan, Rob, and Brian were out of town hosting Manny Mania in Charlotte, NC. It made no matter though, because Porpe and Body took over announcing duties while Justin Ryan, Pat Stiener, and Dylan Perry judged.

This year KR3W was the sponsor of the event. Also big thanks to our friends at Tijuana Flats for providing us with a delicious lunch and a keg of Negro Modelo beer. Also thanks to Bentley Salon for providing more haircut vouchers for the winners in all of the Divisions.

Overall everything went off without a hitch and it was another fun School's Out Jam. Thanks for coming out to our Contest and supporting Skatepark of Tampa.

We like to start the day off with a game of pool before these All Ages Contests. Dylan Perry knocked the eight ball in and defeated Porpe.
Skater Profile: Dylan Perry
Porpe explaining things to look out for in the judges' meeting. He looks a bit like Scarface in this one.
Skater Profile: Jorge Angel
Barak showed me his new flash drive. Smokin' fools with mad files, son.
Skater Profile: Barak Wiser
The Norton twins entered their first contest Saturday. On Darius' first run he went down the roll in, took a gruesome slam, and then skated his next run. His brother wasn't down to skate after seeing that though.
An 8 & Under Who Dat? Roll off the ledge.
Skater Profile: Who Dat?
Thanks to KR3W for hooking it up.
Darius in his second run. He and his brother got free lessons with Wizard Smoke for that slam. You can take lessons with Wizard, too, on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 9am.
Skater Profile: Darius Norton
When you're under 4' tall, this is a big quarter-pipe to drop in on.
Alejandro Burnell - ollie up front 360 off.
Skater Profile: Alejandro Burnell
Who Dat? - kickflip.
Skater Profile: Who Dat?
Alejandro Burnell - 50-50 transfer.
Skater Profile: Alejandro Burnell
Lots of the little guys had some good tricks like this rock to fakie on the bank to wall. I think this is Tyler Hunger? If not then Who Dat? strikes again.
This kid tried this last All Ages Contest and broke is toe, but nailed it second try this time.
This is a line up of some of the most notorious local lurkers at SPoT.
Anxiety runs high for the tykes in the Contest. One kid couldn't take the pressure and threw up on the course. Barak handled clean up.
The judges enjoying delicious Tijuana Flats for lunch.
The 9 to 12 top three.
This KR3W shirt is for the children, despite the fact that this shirt would fit me.
Like cheetahs on a gazelle.
Porpe is like the grown up equivalent of a bully. He loves being lame to people sometimes. Maybe it's some kind of Napoleon complex he's got. So he felt the need to throw this shirt at me. Either that, or he was trying to hook it up. But I doubt that. Thanks for throwing this shirt at me, Porpe.
Skater Profile: Jorge Angel
Ginger Jared is repping the Tampa kit hard in the middle of summer. Dedication!
Skater Profile: Jared Baker
The kids are getting good. Who Dat? has these nosegrinds on lock.
Skater Profile: Who Dat?
Everybody loves Knibbs. He makes friends everywhere. He made friends with the Modelo girls.
Skater Profile: Jereme Knibbs
If you show up to our Contests and rip like this kid with his switch 360, why don't you let the guy shooting photos know your name?
Skater Profile: Who Dat?
For real, a switch 360 and an inward heel down the stairs in your Jam means I want to know your name so I can compliment your ripping on the website. Thanks.
Skater Profile: Who Dat?
I think Body was envious of how leisurely this kid's gear was. Boardslide.
Despite working at the Park in the Shop five days a week, I still don't know everyone. Not sure if this Who Dat? is a Tampon or not. Three flip snapper down the stairs.
I was really hyped to see my old friends from Daytona, Evan Ahlswede and Jake Price. I went to Photo School out there and we used to skate together a lot. Good times.
Christian Baker used to hold the Snack Bar down, but has since moved on. He hasn't moved on from being a Park local though. Front shove over the pyramid.
Skater Profile: Christian Baker
This kid was repping a basketball jersey that said "Blunted!" on it. Hmmm...ollie up back lipslide.
Jordan Williams- front smith.
Skater Profile: Jordan Williams
Ripping Park lurker Sebastian Vargas skated the Contest and killed it. Nosegrind.
Skater Profile: Sebastian Vargas
Anthony Henderson ripped in his Jam. Back tailslide.
Skater Profile: Anthony Henderson
Thanks to all these spectators for coming out to our Contest.
Thank you to the Modelo senoritas for pouring the beer for everyone.
These are Alejandro Burnell's parents. They're here at the Park almost as much as me. It was Mrs. Burnell's birthday so Mike Burnell wanted a photo. Thanks for being active parents.
Who Dat? got mad pop over the rail.
Sebastian Vargas - noseblunt slide.
Skater Profile: Sebastian Vargas
During practice I took a walk around and saw this scene.
Our boy at Tijuana Flats held it down with some great food.
Porpe on the mic.
Skater Profile: Jorge Angel
AlBow killed it on DJ duty.
Judges' meeting.
If you need to look sharp, go see our boys at the Bentley Salon and get cut.
Spike is putting some of his opinions out there with his griptape.
Skater Profile: Spike Lamy
Anthony Henderson - frontside 180 switch smith or you can just call it a Barley grind.
Skater Profile: Anthony Henderson
Markus Jalaber - kickflip back lip.
Skater Profile: Markus Jalaber
Markus Jalaber - kickflip boardslide.
Skater Profile: Markus Jalaber
Anthony Henderson - nollie backside bigspin.
Skater Profile: Anthony Henderson
Markus Jalaber - kickflip back smith.
Skater Profile: Markus Jalaber
Spike - backside boneless.
Skater Profile: Spike Lamy
Spike - boneless.
Skater Profile: Spike Lamy
Robbie Kirkland - back 360 kickflip.
Skater Profile: Robbie Kirkland
Robbie Kirkland - nollie bigspin heelflip.
Skater Profile: Robbie Kirkland
Johnny Scianneaux - gap to ride across the ledge.
Skater Profile: Johnny Scianneaux
Jereme Knibbs - ollie into the quarter-pipe.
Skater Profile: Jereme Knibbs
Jereme Knibbs - ollie up to wall ollie in.
Skater Profile: Jereme Knibbs
Jereme Knibbs - 360 shove it.
Skater Profile: Jereme Knibbs
Last Thursday I had to work a Park Rental and it was the most fun ever. It was a bunch of people who wanted to party and skate. This guy was in on that sesh and he came back to do this nollie 180 switch front feeble.
Barak and I share the same sentiment as this sticker.
Skater Profile: Barak Wiser
The maintenance department's Jacob Krajewski - switch 50.
Skater Profile: Jacob Krajewski
This is my homie Jake Price from Daytona. When I lived out there we shot photos with him and his crew regularly. Come to Tampa more often guys.
Skater Profile: Jake Price
Jake Price - frontside flip.
Skater Profile: Jake Price
Yonnie Cruz - frontside nosegrind.
Skater Profile: Yonnie Cruz
Yonnie Cruz - switch flip frontside wallride. Wow.
Skater Profile: Yonnie Cruz
Jereme Knibbs - wallie back tailslide.
Skater Profile: Jereme Knibbs
Yonnie Cruz - switch frontside bigspin.
Skater Profile: Yonnie Cruz
Jereme Knibbs and Robbie Kirkland feeling the heat.
Yonis Molina has a pretty determined/confused look on his face.
Skater Profile: Yonis Molina
DP is feeling all the Bull in those four packs.
Skater Profile: Dylan Perry
13 to 15 top three.
This guy got 5th in 16 & Up, but would've gotten 1st if haircut was something we judged on.
16 & Up top three.
Sponsored top three.
Thanks again to KR3W for sponsoring the Contest.
Look at that girl with the white shirt eyeing up all the free product.
These kids are beyond too-psyched to fight over that board.
The kid on the right won this battle.
This kid was really hyped to grab this board World Industries sent us to throw out.
The big guys battling over a deck. Collin Prosser is going for it on the right.
Thanks to all the parents for coming out!


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