Thursday at Maloof Money Cup: SPoTlight Employee Session and Last Chance Qualifiers Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Thursday at Maloof Money Cup: SPoTlight Employee Session and Last Chance Qualifiers

Posted on Friday, August 6, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

We get here pretty early every morning so we have the course to ourselves for a while. It's another SPoTlight Productions employee session. Ryan Clements is on that sketchy rock pivoting to fakie.
Skater Profile: Ryan Clements
Over on the quarter, Porpe gets shakka with it on a backside tail skid sort of stall kind of awkward drop in hand on the wave for balance type of move.
Skater Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
This is like the frontside 180 nosegrind of manual tricks, my go to trick on ledges and manny pads.
Skater Profile: Rob Meronek
Jereme Knibbs was with us for a bit, too. He's headed to Coastal Carnage after this skyscraper high back smith.
Skater Profile: Jereme Knibbs
Porpe's back tail on the rock has to be a sequence so people will believe it.
Skater Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
Jereme Knibbs is showing Porpe how to backside tailslide on the shakka quarter.
Skater Profile: Jereme Rogers
All of the changes and updates I had from everything we learned on the first round of using the iPad scoring system in New York were done by Reality Check, the jumbotron graphics company. Things are much, much smoother and less stressful for me this weekend. The judges for this weekend are Jason Rothmeyer, Alex Moul, Mike Sinclair, Bob Reynolds, and Stacy Lowery.
The Last Chance Qualifiers were super fun to watch. Kenny Anderson's frontside feebles around the corner ledge were amazing. Not sure if he ever had a chance to make it after the jam time ended, but there's no way I'm putting a toilet on The Perfect Man.
Skater Profile: Kenny Anderson
Jereme Rogers came with his usual bag of big, consistent tricks and got himself into the main event. We'll see him on Saturday's Qualifiers.
Skater Profile: Jereme Rogers

Triple Set Challenge

Porpe and I somehow got the idea to ollie the triple set at 9am. He made it first try and I gave up after first try. Old man heel bruise is not worth another go.


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